Into Rio's "Other" Airport As Seen From the Sugarloaf

Hey everyone!

It’s time for another round of me messing around in solo. I’ve decided to do some difficult approaches, and thought of doing an approach into Santos Dumont’s runway 02R, which, from the west involves a tight 360 turn into short final. If you overshoot the turn, you’ll likely end up in the sea, turn too tightly, and you’ll end up on the rarely used 02L. Enough boring you, so let’s get to the photos.

Server: Solo
Time: This Afternoon

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1st one is gorgeous!

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Thank you!

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Good pictures. The approach sounds really difficult

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Thanks! Took me a fair few tries. Constantly I was too high or overshooting the turn lmao


definitely trying this today, nice shots Tsumia!

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Thank you very much. Enjoy whatever flight you’re gonna do!

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The angle (or turn) on the 737-800 looked so cool

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