Into Grade 3

Atlast I’m qualified into grade 3 from grade 2. I would like get some tips from users who have been in grade 3 or higher.
So your tips and techniques may help me to improve me further …

My approach towards Grade 3


The biggest threat to you will be messing up in controlled airspace and receiving a violation. Make sure you’re able to follow all Infinite Flight tutorials, especially those relating to ATC, as ATC will now be able to enforce their commands, so always listen to ATC on the expert server. Other than that only fly to airports you’re comfortable with, i.e. where you know you can land safely.
Below are two playlists from Infinite Flight’s YouTube account you can watch to check on your skills


Take a look here:

This is the Expert Server Pilot Rulebook from the User Guide:

If you want to you can also read through the User Guide to improve your knowledge in certain areas.


Thank you I’ll look into it

Yes sure I’ll look into it.

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The best and simple advice I can give:
have fun, take it seriously. :)


So firstly, I warn you, because of how the grade criteria are set, not all high grades will be professional. Unfortunately it just does not translate. But if you follow ATC and do not start cutting others off on the taxiway or taxiing through the grass you should be fine!

Something a lot of people forget is reading the ATIS properly. Sometimes, there may be special remarks or preferred SIDS/STARS that will make ATC’s life and your life easier


Just follow the ATC instructions and don’t get violations, that’s it.

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Like others have said, read through the User Guide, always follow all ATC instructions, and maintain professionalism. Most of all, have fun and enjoy the Expert Server.


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Also nice landing!

What sort of bugs…if you felt like the appeal was unnecessary…it would have made sense to appeal it at the time…

Two things to remember,

ATC know what they are doing so never doubt their instructions and always follow them as soon as possible, be patient in busy airspace as well.

If you are unsure about a interaction you had with a IFATC member, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask about it, it helped me learn so much when I first joined the expert server and if I hadn’t I doubt I would have a clean sheet of level 2/3 violations today


A few, rudder control is one of them. I got a L3 violation for takeoff on grass as I was using rudder to keep the A-10 stable, and it still went off the runway.

Is there any chance you just weren’t flying the aircraft correctly, rudder generally starts to become ineffective once you reach rotation speeds

That’s not a bug - it is down to the pilot to keep the aircraft stable. The higher your airspeed the less effective the rudder is…

This happened as i was preparing (starting) to rotate. I brought the nose to about 1 degree AOA and then it started skidding off runway. I don’t use the A-10 much, so when it happens, I’m usually on Casual server or on solo mode.

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Yeah that’s not a bug - you clearly had a crosswind at the time. I suggest you take a look at this video:

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