Intimidating taxi and takeoff at Aspen

I felt like I was doing a “pass and review” on the parade ground. Anyone else have this experience? I kept her going straight down the centerline and did not become one with the mountains, so didn’t make complete fool of myself in front of “big wigs”.


Wow! That’s a first :) It’s like they’re watching you 👀


This is the equivalent of a firing squad lel. Nice job intimidating the new comers @Mark_Denton @Tyler_Shelton :)


It was like having three check airmen on board. But it makes me a better pilot, which is a good thing. I like feeling like I am being held to a high standard, especially when I am flying under the auspices of my VA.


Ok, this post actually made me laugh. That is hilarious. “Pass and Review” on the parade ground and firing squad comments cracked me up.


Haha, glad to share a laugh

When I saw those three coming in on approach I nearly signed off lol.

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The only thing that could of made this more Intimidating would be if they were in the AC-130 or F-16


Haha, seriously! I just had this mental image of three old skygods looking down their noses at the neophyte, waiting for me to do something stupid. Of course people are friendly but, you know, you want to do yourself credit.


Brilliant! I had similar on Tuesday night at the Taildragger event. I’m usually pretty good at getting the Spit off the ground but managed to properly, massively foul it up trying to take off in tandem with Mark (I think, I’ve erased it from my mind!) and zig-zagging across the runway, taking off like a swan with hemorrhoids and then flipping upside down before nose-diving into the ground. Utterly useless.


hahahaha, its actually true. Happens to me when im landing and see 2 or 3 mods, i just hold my ipad tighter and focus 100% hahahaha


I know what you mean. I did a gear up landing in front of a long line of waiting aircraft and I think my brain tried to eliminate the embarrassing event from my mind lol. I changed my callsign to “too low gear” for a while after that.

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Lol when those mods show up all hell breaks lose in FFT508’s flightdeck. Suddenly I come to attention as if I have fighters racing to knock me from the sky. Lol nerves
I saw those guys take off from Denver on my way in to Denver.


I’m digging the love for the 717 here!!


I risked going off the taxiway to get that picture. When I saw how beautifully the 717’s looked three abreast with a mountain backdrop, matching liveries, I knew I had to capture it. I blew two or three shots before I got the posted one. Just happenchance I picked the 717 for that particular flight from KASE to KAFF.


Excellent picture, good job capturing that. 717 is my #1 go to plane in IF.


One of the best dual engine jets available. Only beat by the A321 in my opinion.

Of course you’d say that :-)


I don’t see the excitement. They put their pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us.

Climb out and arrive the best of your ability. Every time.

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True, I’m sure that all of them have botched a landing at some point.

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