I am Ken and I am here to Interview @MaksimFerguson. @MaksimFerguson, let me ask you some questions.
What is Infinite Flight?
Infinite Flight is a great game which has come with a great community thanks to the brilliant Developers and Moderators.
How long have you been playing Infinite Flight?
About 2 years
What got you to play infinite flight?
Well the fact that I love flying! I’ve been an aviation enthusiast since a very young age, I’ve tried many other sims, and this Sim stood out, with Multiplayer and great aircraft
How do you feel about Global?
Very Happy


I didn’t think it was very hard to be original but I guess it is.


Hey there, we have a few other interviewing teams already in the community. Maybe you can join them so we don’t have the whole community conducting these interviews. Take a look at their format, content and substance as well ;)



Erm, that was shortened, a lot…

As Chris said maybe try joining IFI or something like that.

Also that was edited, A lot!!! I had at least 3 sentences per question…


I will look at them. Thanks so much

That was very much not an original…

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Sure no problem. I don’t want to devalue or discredit your efforts but Infinite Flight News has a pretty awesome Topic here in the community with a recent interview. Hope this helps.