Interviewing a former charter pilot/current 767 pilot

Hello Community,
Since I know a few people in the aviation industry from all parts of it, I thought maybe it be fun too interview some of these people and they can share some of there experiences with you! A little bit about my first pilot. He use to fly the Phenom 100 and use to work for a company flying the Beechcraft 1900. He know works for a 121 operator where he is about to fly the 767!
Ask questions below!

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Here are some of the ones I’m thinking of right now

  1. Is he a captain?

  2. What route(s) is he going to be flying? What routes does he want to fly in the 767?

  3. What do you do during a 8+ hour as a pilot?

  4. What airline?

  5. Does he play infinite flight? If so, how realistic are the current flight physics of the 767?


Here are my questions.

1.What has life been like as a pilot?

2.What is it like going from small aircrafts to a 767?

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My question:
Where is the chemtrail switch ;)


Question: how would you consider the 767s general flying ability? Is the plane hard to grease and takeoff? Or is the plane a breeze to fly?

What do you think about the 767s inverted gears? Does it make it easier to land or is it a pain in the neck?

Have you flown any large jets before?

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Why did you become a pilot in the first place? Did you aspire to become a commercial pilot from a young age?

More of a general question, not specific here, but what is a 121 operator?

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What makes the 767 a fun aircraft to fly? What are the burdens of flying it?

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FAA regulations for airline pilot. Most major carriers in the US are part 121

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Thought that was the case…what other definitions are ther, IE GA guess is under a different part?

Yep GA is under a different part of the FAR

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Will be taking questions until midnight CST! So get your questions in!

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Would be great for some to ask questions about the Phenom or the 1900 he’s flown

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