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Hello Community!

We will be interviewing @THE-OP very shortly. The-OP is a former military air traffic controller, his role was watch supervisor, he was in charge of the operations. He was a controller for almost 12 years and now he is a procedures designer. He trained our ATC Community Manager @Tyler_Shelton.

Please feel free to leave any questions you may have for The-OP down below!

Questions will be accepted until Wednesday the 21st of December.

In the meantime, I suggest you go and have a read at one of the other topics we have on our website.


How big is your next boat going to be?

Which aircraft was your favorite to test?

What were some of your highlights as a controller in the military?


What is the biggest fish you ever caught?

How did you meet @Tyler_Shelton ?


Are you really the fastest in the land?


Did you enjoy your job? =D

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If you could be an FAA Certified Controller as a tower controller working for one of the major International airports in the United states, which airport would you work in?

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Have you ever had a close call while controlling at an airport ?
If Yes, Can you explain what happened ?


Am I cleared for takeoff?


What was it like training Tyler, has he made you proud knowing how far he has gotten in his career now, Was he a fast learner?

What is your dream job if you could do anything?

What is your favourite aircraft to fly on IF and what are the things you would like to see in future updates such as features, planes liveries etc?

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What was the dumbest thing any of the controllers on duty during your watch ever did?

Why did you choose ‘THE-OP’ as your nickname?

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How does IF affect your daily life?

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How long will you be the “Fastest in the Land”?

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Where have you been stationed in the military? A question I ask most everyone when I find out they are a military family, see if we have had intertwining assignments.

East Coast or West Coast?

Would you have done the AF again?

Tips for an aspiring cadet like myself?


“We can teach from our experience, but we cannot teach experience.” Did it feel anything like this when training Tyler?

Whats the most impressing/amazing thing that has happened to you while working?


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MaxSez: Ah “THE OP” was a soldier (small S) or with the “Farce” (big F) apparently and a Controller too, WOW😮. Stateside, Fixed Base? Where?..Ever deploy OConUs or Expeditionary? Where. Might of heard your tinney voice some place. Taught the IF Air Boss how to push iron did ya, OJT or Formal School Setting, Where? Now a “Procedures Designer”, aviation related or for a shoe factory? Why don’t we hear or see from you more often on the Forum or flying by? Your an IF Star ya know, everybody considers you THE voice of authority, give you a rush does it? Have a desk at FDS Hq or correspond, enjoy Bosses nite with the IF “crew” when your on the Coast, Do the bosses buy? Enough Already, Who Lov’s ya Baby! Excellent Choice Oscar, Celebrity Edition, can’t wait…LOL


Is there any other specific ATC Qualifications (Besides your basic training) that should be implemented when applying for Military ATC?

How many hours a day do you work?

What do you think of Infinite Flight now rather then back then (without the global update)

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Question that I wanted to ask an air traffic controller has already been put forth here by Mr @HighRisePilot. Even though, I feel like I must say I’m amazed at this community filled with great people. Very glad to be here under the lead of great personalities!


What would you have done if Nemo was never found?

Is it true that you led the power rangers in the 90’s?

How can one cook a boiled egg in a pan?

If I need to sharpen my kitchen knife, should I use my sword?

How long will it take for my bananas to ripe?

Does my watch need a new battery?

What is the approximate time it would take for a turtle to race 400 meters?


I know this goes against the topic seeing as we are meant to be submitting questions for the-op but here is one for you.
Why did you feel the need to post on this topic???

These are actually good questions and they are directed to The-OP. Also, it says “any” questions.