Interview With Regular @SingaporeAirlines!

I had the chance to enjoy a wonderful interview with George (@SingaporeAirlines) over the weekend, and now im happy to present it to the community! Lets get started (be careful, this is a long one)

“How did you know about the IFC” (Submitte By @CannedAviation)
I knew the community from Support FAQ. As on that time, I wanted to request something. If I could recall I was requesting trees and buildings. And welcomed by the senior members, one of them were Dush and Max

"Can you describe your very recent dive into aviation? What changed you?" (Submitted By @nicochile2)
I discovered the aviation world around 2 years ago. Exactly when I found Infinite Flight for the first time. My life has changed a lot since then, I meant now I have so many pen-pals from other parts of the world. I used to think that it would be better if I could be an architect. But now my life ambitions have changed and I do hope I can enter the aviation world very soon.

"What is your favorite part of IFC? Least favorite?" (Submitted By @Balloonchaser)
There are many things that I love from this community, one of them are because of it’s members. I always love to see people who helps each other everytime someone is having a problem on #support . In my opinion, that’s the true community spirit and I do like it alot! There are many of them on this community from what I’ve seen so far
My least favourite part of being an IFC member is when I see many members who have a huge influence on the forum decided to leave the forum. Most of those who have been around before me have left the forum due to plethora of reasons unfortunately. I wish they can come back soon someday :(

“What is your favorite aircraft to fly in IF?” (Submitted By @Joseph_Krol)
You can see me around on 787-8, one of my favourites. Besides that, I also love flying the 777s and A320s 😉

“What contributions have you made to the community? (Submitted By @CannedAviation) ”
There aren’t much contributions that I’ve made to the community other than being a Regular and helped those who need assistance actually. And also being an IFATC aswell 😊. Hopefully I can contribute something more and dedicate my life for the community in the future

“What was your reaction to becoming a regular?” (Submitted By @CannedAviation)
Like others, I was very happy when I received my Regular status lol. It took about a year and a half to reach it due to my flags on the memes topic 😂. Even though I got demoted once due to my inactivity days before my birthday lol, but I have gained it back last December and still lasts until today 😉

“What is the most realistic and favorite route you’ve done so far in global?” (Submitted By @Owain_G)
Maybe for the most realistic, is either OLBA-OTHH or ZBAA-RJTT that I flown a day before my subscription expired. For my favourite, personally I like flying on WIII-WSSS despite the low resolution on that area. I do hope the developers could re-make the area in high resolution in the future 😊

“Where have you flown?” (Submitted By @CathayPacific)
I have flown to Singapore thrice, and once each to Hong Kong and Bangkok. For domestic routes, I have ever been to Surabaya twice and Medan once
I’m going to visit Kuala Lumpur this December. And hopefully Singapore again next year

“What sprouted your fascination with Singapore Airlines?” (Submitted By @Blizzard)
Singapore Airlines was one of the first airlines I’ve discovered when I started my interest in the aviation world. I was amazed with reviews regarding this airline and their service warmth thanks to Singapore Girl.
it was true, I tried the airline months later to Singapore and I was pleasantly surprised. I have never been to an airline that could serve their passengers as good as SIA! Hence why I took the airline again last January with their brand new A350-900 😊
When I first played Infinite Flight, I used Singapore Airlines A380 livery from San Francisco. It was amazing even though my plane crashed multiple times haha 😂. I do find Singapore Airlines is unique compared to others and it will be unfortunate if these unique identity will dissapear due to cost cuttings. =/

“If you could move to any country, what would it be and what area would it be?” (Submitted By @Chatta290)
Either Singapore or Canada. As both countries are safe and most of their citizens/people are wealthy and have a high HDI 😊

How did it feel to get accepted into IFATC? (Submitted By @Rowdy_Kepler)
I was really happy when I heard that Tom passed me. Being an IFATC is my dream since I joined this community as you can be a controller on a more mature server in my opinion. I take it as a responsible given by the developers for me so I will always try to control as best as I could and give other people a good experience during my session 😊

“Whats Indonesia like?” (Submitted By @Qantas737Guy)
Indonesia is huge and dense. Stretching from Sabang to Merauke, we have thousands of islands with thousands of races and resources. Actually if I can say, Indonesia is a beautiful country as long as you don’t visit it’s capital (aka my hometown) 😂. I’m 100% sure you will be impressed if you visit places such as Raja Ampat or Bintan Islands, as it offers a spectacular view and almost on par with what Maldives/Mauritius can offer. If you have ever been to similar countries such as Philippines then you might know what I meant. Bali is one of the most famous area for tourists, mainly dominated by Australians and Chinese. But unfortunately it’s already too mainstream to go there now
P.S : Perhaps Bali is the only place in Indonesia where it feels like in a foreign country rather than being part of Indonesia. Some people even mistakenly assumed that Bali is a country instead of being one of Indonesia’s provinces 😂
One thing I like from the country, is the richness of taste on our cuisines. There were around 5 Indonesian Foods which tops one of CNN’s food survey several years ago such as Beef Rendang, Nasi/Mie Goreng , Gado-Gado, etc. Oh and did I mentioned about their warmth? I have to agree that Indonesians are nice actually 😊

“If you could add one thing to IF, what would it be?” (Submitted By @BluePanda900)
I do hope I could add A350XWB Family. I’m not that desperate to get it though 😂. Maybe if not A350, I would prefer to see either Clouds or more aircraft lights which will help pilots to taxi during night

"Do you like bananas?" (Submitted By @dush19)
Yes because bananas are Bæ
#bananasforlife 🍌🍌🍌

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Thanks IFI and @SingaporeAirlines!


Well done @Boeing747-8, very informative :)


Great! Loved this interview, I’m coming to Indonesia next June! (Bali)


Great interview with one of my favorite regulars! Good job!

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Well done mate! I know it is your first one ever at IFI, so fantastic job! Don’t worry about the length of it though. The one I have with Misha is gonna be a lot longer. Glad to have you at IFI!


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Well yeah, he’s Misha 😜


Glad to have you on the team @Boeing747-8 IFI has been running great!!

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Canada is a great place to live in! (I should know because I have lived there)


Nice Interview! I’m lovin all the interviews here so far!

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Thanks for interviewing me, that was a nice interview! 😊😂


I expected more about bananas from you :(


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