Interview With Moderator, Misha Camp!

Hello everybody! Today, I will be interviewing moderator, Misha Camp! I have some great questions and answers in store today, so sit back, relax, and enjoy!

What do you like to do outside of the forum?

Right now I am in my third year of university, so I have cut back on a lot of other social things that I used to do. I still do archery and play football, and I love to go walking whenever I can. I do also love going to gigs and exploring all the charity shops I can find wherever I am. More generally, I work for a volunteer organisation alongside other work as an ambassador for my university, and then spend a lot of my time planning trips or booking plane tickets.

How did you find Infinite Flight?

I assume through the app store like most people. I think I first got into it in around 2013. I remember going on it on my iPhone 5 at the time instead of revising for exams. From there I got live when it came out, somehow got into ATC (rules were not at all strict then) and then worked my way up to where I am now. I didn’t just appear as a moderator as some people seem to think.

How did the forum change your life, how much do you deal with on a day to day basis not only on the forum but on Infinite Flight?

The somewhat painful truth is that the forum and Infinite Flight do now play a big part in my life. I wouldn’t say they changed it, however, I have made some very good friends from it. The fact that I flew to America for 5 days for ModCon17 puts into perspective that how ingrained Infinite Flight and the community are in my life. On a day to day timescale, I maybe spend an hour or two on the forum. It used to be more, but thankfully we have more moderators now and the forum is more established, so in a way is self-running. Infinite Flight vis-a-vis in-app time is more than the forum. I tend to fly every night, and most days during the day too. I put it on and just leave the house. Today I passed 3000 hours, which in all honesty is just crazy. It equates to 125 of pure flight time, something which I never thought I would do in my life on a mobile flight simulator.

As a discourse moderator, what is your favourite thing/plugin eg suspension or closing topics?

So for me, I love canned replies and staff notes. We have a few things we are looking at adding; third-party plugins such as ones that arrange photos into an album style and so forth. However, the aforementioned plugins are ones that I use almost daily. We can easily lose track of who is who if we did not have staff notes especially. There was actually a recent topic regarding trust levels where all 5 of whom replied to it with advice had staff notes where we were tracking their behaviour. Made me laugh quite a lot.

Who’s your favourite developer?

Cam because he is my babe. It pains me to say it but I also am impressed with how much he knows despite being self-taught.

Who’s your favourite mod, besides yourself?

Nope. But my least favourite is also Cam as we can all vouch for how awful he is at it.

Define Misha Camp in your own words:

I will describe myself in a haiku:

Like a shining star
He is light to so many
For he is perfect

Do you, or have you, play any sports? Which is your favourite?

Football and archery are the main ones. Before university, I was training with a semi-pro team and would have most probably played for them if I had not gone. The team I had been playing with for a few years before was one league below semi-pro, so they were still very good. I am now just very unfit having not played properly in almost 3 years, so I just play casual 6 aside leagues instead. Much more fun.

Who is your favourite leader/influential individual?

No one really. I am a bit of a theoretical anarchist and don’t like having any central body tell me what to do at all. This is of course in theory as it is needed to run things, this forum being a good example. Slightly ironic situation. If I was absolutely forced to pick, I would say that Justin II of Byzantine seems like a right laugh.

What has been your favourite experience with Infinite Flight?

Meeting people and having a group of people to talk with. You can be having a bad day, week or even longer period, however, it is so nice knowing that I can go on to Slack or this forum and have people from all over the world to talk to, and I really don’t have to think about my tangible reality. It is a thing I like for both Infinite Flight and gaming in general; Xbox Live and so forth is enjoyable too.

What is one of the most favourite places that you have travelled to and why?

So it is no secret I have been to a lot of places. Most of them are in south-east Asia such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Laos. I have also been to India, Sri Lanka, Japan and around 10 others like that. For me, the place I have the most experience of is Kenya. I was there for over two months this summer, and in a long time period like that, you really get to learn the place. I learnt basic Swahili, and even some Masai, made some amazing friends and generally embedded myself in a culture relatively divergent from my own.

So I would say Kenya to answer this. Not because it was the best country I have been to, Japan or Laos would come first in that, but because I didn’t just visit it as most people do when abroad. I truly felt like I was living there for almost 3 months and understood how social systems worked, all to an extent of course. When you get to a point like that, it is hard not to naturally become attached to an area.

What has been your most favourite experience/s on the IFC?

Seeing new people come each day is always nice. I sometimes forget how long I have been here, so having new members always asking questions to which I can impart knowledge on is nice. I think to see these new members also become established ones is probably even nicer. I can remember the first time I came across so many members, and now a lot of them are T3, IFATC, airport editors and so on.

Are you training on becoming a pilot?

Not yet! I have done a little flying in my time, and was recently awarded a gliding scholarship, however passing any qualifications at all is not something I have done. I have around 7 months left at university, and then after that, I will be applying here there and everywhere to become a pilot. Naturally, I want to go into the EasyJet program as a first choice. There are several pilots here that have done that and/or fly for EasyJet, so I feel comfortable knowing that I know people that have done it and that they can give me advice if needed.

If you could fly with 1 airline for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Call me crazy, but it would be American Airlines for me. The new aircraft they are getting are awesome, and they have really upped their game with cabin quality. Middle Eastern carriers are an obvious choice, however, I just prefer the general feel of the cabin, and for some reason, I appreciated a slightly older cabin crew on the American Airlines flights I have taken. One thing I know for sure is that British Airways would be my last choice.

What do you think Global has done to the community? Has it changed it or has it made the mods job harder by having to close heaps of topics?

When we had the release, I think we had something insane such as 300 new topics in a day, the majority of which were support topics from new members that didn’t know the workings of the forum. That was a pain, however, we as moderators almost took it in shifts to be on the forum at all times in a way. Since then it has quietened down much more. I think the new boost of members has livened the place up a little as expected. For me, the best thing is now all the events that can take place. Virtual Airlines seemed to have really benefitted from that, and I know a lot of forum members are part of them, so it has been really nice to see that.

On a scale of Cam to Misha, how amazing is Dush?

Pipe down lad. Come back when you know that you don’t eat beer. In case you are wondering, root beer doesn’t literally have roots growing from the beer.

What are your plans for after University?

So as I said above, I will be applying for all the pilot related jobs I can find. If not, I have a few backups:

Pilot stuff
Civil Service
Masters in Archeology
Get a job…
I am waiting to hear back from the Civil Service. I got through 2/4 of the rounds and am waiting for the results to the third round, a video interview. I don’t imagine I will get through, but it isn’t an issue as I applied randomly as the deadline was the day after I found out about it.

What is your favourite livery and why? Is it because of the design? What aircraft do you like it on best?

I personally love the new Air Canada livery. It is just so bold yet sleek, and I find that most airlines are going down the road of minor changes to a livery every now and then, the example of Qantas is good. I also adore the CS300, and Air Canada has 45 on order, so when they arrive I will have to get myself on one of them with the new livery.

Who chose you to become a mod?

So I became a moderator when the forum was new. We literally only have Sean as a moderator, with Cam helping out on occasion as he tested it pre-release. I had worked my way up the ATC ranks and as far as I can remember I bugged Tyler. He asked the Dev Crew who said yes, and here I am over 2 years later. I wouldn’t recommend doing that now as it wouldn’t work.

Have you ever mished mashed potatoes?

Pour up (mished), head shot (mashed)
Sit down (mished), stand up (mashed)
Pass out (mished), wake up (mashed)
Faded (mished), faded (mashed)

Thanks for letting me interview you Misha and I hope you guys enjoy!

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Never in a million years would this have been something that I would associate Misha with. 😂 Nice interview!


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Nice interview!


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