Interview with Laura and Philippe; July 6th, 2011

I have recently discovered this interview done for the podcast “fsBreak”, in which Laura (then known as Matt) and Philippe discuss how Infinite Flight, Flying Development Studio’s second app, was created. If you are interested in listening to it to see how far Infinite Flight has come since its release on April 25, 2011, follow this link:

I have also discovered some in-game screenshots from back then, check them out on this link:



The F/A 18 and the C-17 look really good! They deserve a rework!

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Very interesting. Props for finding this!


Oh, and for those wanting to apply to be a part of Beta, unfortunately that train left the station 7 years ago.


If it’s Scotrail it’ll leave in another 7 years! Only Scots will understand…


How nostalgic! Thank you for sharing, this is fascinating.

This post actually made me to browse through some personal Infinite Flight history of mine. Brought back some great memories. And some regrets.


That was the tweet because of which I applied to be an ATC controller. I’ve just found the e-mail I then sent. I can’t post this here it’s too embarrassing. However, Laura replied and they accepted me (in retrospect, that’s quite surprising).

I just found some old Facebook chats again as well from the pre-community times in 2015. Many of those guys aren’t around anymore. Except for @Tyler_Shelton. He’s been the ATC expert from the beginning. All of us learned a lot from him back then. And we still do.

I still regret that I took such a long break from Infinite Flight shortly after all of that. I left in Summer 2015 and returned in early 2017. Missed out on so much. But that’s life! And to see how far this simulator has come in such a short amount of time is truly flabbergasting.


Hey, I’m still around.



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