Interview with @dush19 | Submit Questions |


  1. How many of these questions will you actually answer? (Including the jokes)

  2. If you became a mod, what would you first do out of these?
    Option a: Suspend someone who asked a silly question here
    Option b: Edit someone’s bio for asking a silly question here
    Option c: Close some topics because they were made by someone who asked a silly question here
    Option d: Continue Airport Editing
    Option e: Do Options a, b, and c (excluding the ‘asked a silly question here’ part)

  3. How will you answer these questions? (eg. through e-mail, in person, on the IFC etc.)

That’s all for Dush.

Where’d you pull that number out of? His (Dush’s) phone?

Are you Indian?
Have you ever gotten mad at someone on here?

HAHAHAHA. Nah it’s probably Dush’s lottery number. Don’t think it would be that long though…

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He is an Indian, living in the same city where I live.

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Looking at his profile pic, most likely not

Ohhh…don’t we all

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Take a look here 😉

I’m finding it so funny that other people are answering questions meant for dush as if they know him better than he knows himself lmao.


Literally just spammed the keyboard.

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Can you please stop answering the questions who are meant for Dush. It’s not an interview with you.


Guys, can we please ask Dush some legit questions rather than some questions that have no substance? Ask some actual questions instead of asking questions just for the sake of posting.

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I think we can ask whatever we feel like. We will ask serious questions. Don’t worry @Cpt_Chris

Meanwhile in the slack team…
Dush: These questions really are sad…
Maybe rephrase that?


Some of these questions are legit funny. I think this topic can have some entertainment. There is nothing wrong with silly questions if you also ask serious ones. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to be on this topic

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If either the news guys, Dush, or the mods have an issue with the questions, they will speak up.

You are none of those to my knowledge (I apologise if not), so don’t attempt to backseat mod.


Please have your questions in by Saturday 1200Z.

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Ok so I have a serious question.

How often do you (if you do) meet up with people who work at FDS? What do you guys do when you hang out (if you do)?

p.s. sorry for the annoying questions earlier @dush19 they were meant to be entertaining and funny but I guess they weren’t

What percentage of airports are initially rejected?

Should you die, who would you appoint to take your place?

Do you enjoy what you do in terms of airport editing?

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Question submissions have now closed. The questions will now be sent to Dush and we hope to have this interview avaliable as soon as we can.


Question: How is dush so awesome?


I’m sorry, but you question will not be counted as the submission window has closed hehehe