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Hello community.

As you may have known we have relaunched our IF News website. Our aim is to bring you high quality content and interviews from across Infinite Flight.

For our next interview we will be interviewing @dush19 from Infinite Flight Airport Editing. Dush is an airport editing manager and has been involved with the project for a while now.

Please feel free to leave any questions you may have for Dush below and we will do our best to include as many as we can.

We will stop accepting questions this Saturday.

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2 questions for @dush19 -
1.) Which was the first airport to be rejected by you?
2 ) When will you become a mod?


Will there be taxiway lights? Couldnt find anyone say anything about it

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What was the airport that you had the most fun editing or reviewing?


I have a few questions:

1.) As a manager of the editing team what are some of the ways that you balance your schedule between the airport editing team, Global Testing, and education outside of Infinite Flight?

2.) If you could attribute your success to anyone who has played a critical role in your past, present and future endeavors who would this person or people be?

3.) As the community and editing team grows and evolves what are some things that you would pass on to our aspiring aviation enthusiasts to promote and prolong the success of Infinite Flight.

4.) The editing team is culturally diverse and has a dynamic group of individuals that effectively carry out the mission to deliver high quality airports for the community to enjoy so how does the editing team continue to recruit and retain editors to continue the success of this program?

Thank you for your time and consideration. I’m looking forward to this interview.

Chris Levet


Gonna answer this straight away since it has been said many, many times.

There already are taxiway lights such as taxiway centerline and edge lights. We’ve all been adding them for ages, they are just not supported/rendered in Infinite Flight yet.
We have done our part, airport-editing wise they are there, but wether they will actually be visible in game or not at some point is not in our hands, but the developers’. So “will there be taxiway lights” is not really a question for us.


oh. Thanks for the prompt reply! :)

I mean…what success


I have a question

On average how much do you sleep per day


Haha, you two have a unique Infinite Flight relationship 😂


Also if you got candyfloss in your eyes do you think you’d have sweet flavoured tears when you’re crying to yourself at night?


What’s the best thing about being the second coolest Dush on this forum? Number 1 doesn’t exist


On a scale of 1 to ‘Dush never becoming a moderator’, how likely do you think it is that I will ever stop asking such amazing questions?


On a scale of Chris Levet to Moritz how proud are you to have your emoji on slackIMG_1757


If you were given the opportunity to be a moderator on the IFC what would you say and why?


Is Moritz real or your duplicate account to show you have a friend? Or is he a bot Cameron made to raise your self esteem, who eventually gained sentience and started insulting you?


How did you get involved with infinite flight in the first place?

disclaimer: i don’t actually hate dush 😜


Is Tom actually your father?


How did you meet the guys at the Editing Team to make IFAET

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You sir, you just asked the question we´re all wondering.


Alright. Let´s go. I expect these to be featured.

When Emil joined IFATC, in what ways did you see your average life improve? ( Not hard to improve)
Do you even like @anon66442947
What does you and @anon66442947 have going on?

Why do you think you´re such a big part of my life?