Interview with @Cameron | Submit Questions! |

Submit your questions for our upcoming interview with the one and only @Cameron, developer of LiveFlight.

Submissions open until Saturday!

  • What’s your favourite part in moderating this community?

  • How do you found Infinite Flight?

  • What was the obstacles you faced when you developed LiveFlight?

Hi,I would like to ask:
Dear Cameron,why LiveFlight doesn’t work often?

  • I’m joking 😜,I really love your app is very helpful and very good made!keep the good job and go ahead!
    Thanks for this amazing service!

Do you have any further plans to develop features for the Virtual Airlines of Infinite Flight? There are rumours that there could possibly be, after all a custom flight tracker can and has be developed for Virtual Airlines to utilise.

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What’s the weirdest question you’ve ever gotten on the community?


When did you start coding?

Oops! I thought the interview was with @Carson!
How did you come up with the idea for LiveFlight?
Also, how did it get its name?

Why do you work with Infinite flight amongst many other jobs?
What was there that persuaded you to help this app?

Your favourite place you’ve flown in Global? Could be interesting 😏

  • Who would you mention as the best airport editor other than kilt?

  • Is LiveFlight hosted in your backyard​ or somewhere else?

  • How much have you learnt coding for LF?

  • Has infinite Flight changed your life?

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  1. How do you put up with Dush?

  2. What are some things/skills required to create LiveFlight people may not be aware of?

  3. Why did your supplier stop the pink T-shirt I am offended

  4. Can I create a new one pleasseeeeeeeee

  5. What do you have in mind for future coding endeavours? (wink wink you know my drift)


What is the biggest thing you have Moded or Developed or taken part in at FDS?

This question really nags me!

Which dev or Mod other than you do you think is the nicest, the smartest and the best!

“How do you put up with Dush?” ~ MishaCamp, 2017


Chocolate or Vanilla?
What’s the fourth state of matter and why isn’t it mentioned so often?
What’s the speed of sound?
What are the properties of acids and what effect do they have on our world today?
How do you think you will die?
Favourite cow?
If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do the others drown too?
If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?
What are the different strokes you can make when petting a dog?
How many lizards do you own?
Pop or pop?
What is the formula for the gravitational constant?
How can one calculate the force of gravity between two physical objects?
Why do mice not like cats?
Why aren’t blueberries blue?
Why isn’t chocolate considered a vegetable, since chocolate comes from coca beans and all beans are considered vegetables?
Do you like bungee jumping?
Have you been to space?
How many artificial suns have you built in the last few months?
What was it like to create a flying car?

Your address? Date of birth? IC Number? Full name?


Do you eat pineapple on pizza? Tread carefully with your answer…


How did you start playing IF?
How did you became a Moderator?
How did you became a Global Alpha Tester?

  1. Who is your favourite moderator that you’ve also worked with outside of Infinite Flight?

  2. What do you think of FlightCast (I will also send a variety of PM’s asking the same question)?

  3. I love your accent.

  4. What is your favourite programming language?

  5. What is your favourite junk food to eat whilst programming late at night?


Do his own tears count


Why do you have flock of flamingoes in LiveFlight?


Im asking a different question instead. With Infinite flight always evolving, I expect liveflight to evolve as well. Where do you see Live flight in the coming years? Are there new innovations coming to take liveflight to the next level?

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