Interview with @Cameron |

We were in the process of an interview with the one and only @Cameron however the questions never got sent so we thought we should give it another go.

@Cameron is the developer of LiveFlight and also a Developer for Infinite Flight, he also runs airport editing. Please post below any questions you have for him. Submissions close Wednesday evening.


For more information on IF News please see here: IF News


What came up to your mind that made you want to make LV?

  • Who would you mention as the best airport editor other than kilt?

  • Is LiveFlight hosted in your backyard​ or somewhere else?

  • How much have you learnt to code for LF?

  • Has infinite Flight changed your life?

  • Are you working for fre


There are so many contenders for that one!

  • As a mod, IFAE, and working live flight, how do you budget your time with IF and your regular life?

  • What has been your favorite place to fly to in global?


My questions are as follows :-

  • As a Developer, Community Moderator and most importantly an Infinite Flight Pilot how do you think Global update in Infinite flight would change the World of Mobile Simulators.

  • What future changes can we see in LiveFlight with respect to Global?

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Do you think bagels or donuts are the best for alternative measurements of objects


What aircraft would you like to see next in the sim?

Why won’t you just push the button?


Because he doesn’t want to let you know Seb

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(Sugarbabes joke for the young people here)


But you are young too

  1. Are you actually a developer for Infinite Flight?
  2. How many sheeps managed to jump over the fence while you sleep?
  3. What do you do during your free time?

What is the biggest thing (IFC related) that’s changed for you since developing and publishing LF?

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-Do you think FDS brought you on for the strategic purpose of trying to encourage even closer (if possible) integration between LiveFlight and InfiniteFlight? If so what would that look like? If not what are you duties at FDS?

-How will you balance your responsibilities between LiveFlight and InfiniteFlight?

-Flying Development Studio’s and InfiniteFlight are two different entities. What do you think the reasoning for this is?

-Can you forsee FDS making any other games in the future? If so what would that look like? If not why?

-Your 17-18 years old and you devloped a stunning app, your a Moderator on IFC and you just landed a job at Flying Development Studio. How do you intellectualize all the progress you have made and what were the challenges you faced along the way?

How seriously do you take photography? Is it a hobby or is it a dream job?



Who’s your favourite English airport editor that doesn’t go to uni?

What are some things you’d like to put in LF that you haven’t been able to do for whatever reason?

@MishaCamp Disgraceful. If you had any taste you’d know the true reference is from the Chemical Brothers


Donuts, they are much better.

  1. What was the most challenging to develop?
  2. What was the most challenging decision in your life?
  3. Airbus or Boeing?
  4. If you could join a VA, what would it be? hint hint* AirThrust (coming soon) and Air New Zealand (coming soon)
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I see you have recently received the ‘staff’ badge. What is your role in helping FDS?


Now that global and LNAV are being intoduced, how do you think this will affect live flight connect’s growth or use?