Interview with a First Officer

This week a first officer of the KLM 787-9 will visite my school. Actually it isn’t about his job but about KLM and what if KLM had a crisis what would happen to the economy of the Netherlands. I asked his son (he is in my class) if he had time to answer question about his job. I have 2 questions for him, but maybe you will have better questions. I’ll try to ask all of your questions. Comment below your questions!😊


during takeoff when rotating how does he deal with the wind


and during landing who controls what? like does te first officer control yoke and speed while captain controls yoke

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Nice, I have three questions:

  1. Why did he chose to fly with KLM?
  2. What is his favorite feature of the 787?
  3. Boeing or Airbus?

tell him or her we appriecate their service to fliying us. p.s. i want to be a pilot wen i grow up


Here is maybe a few that you could ask:

  1. What inspired you to choose KLM?
  2. Favourite 787 feature?
  3. What routes do you fly?

How did he get into aviation and why did he choose the path he took?


What are the most loved, and loathed destinations he has to fly to?

What aircraft did he fly before the 787?


You should recommend IF to his son and himself! He might get interviewed by FlightCast!


What is his favorite route to fly?

You could ask about his aviation life, where he started to where he is now


KLM dont have 787-8s

My question is whats the best of flying the 787 and at what altitude does you engage the autopilot.

Best part of working with KLM.

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What is the hardest thing about flying the 787?

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Ask him how many flight hours he has obtained.

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I mean 787-9

Yes understood that.

I wasn’t able to ask all of your question, I’m sorry for that:
What is your favorite route to fly? - '(Amsterdam) to San fransisco. It is a very busy airspace, so you must always be alert. I love seeing big aircrafts taking off/landing while holding short.'
Your favorite 787 feature?

  • 'I love the design of the cockpit. It is very different than the 777. I began with the 737 and omg it so many paperwork. The 787 makes it a lot easier.'
    What is the hardest thing about flying the 787?
  • Actually there is nothing hard about flying an aircraft. We train a lot and go to simulators before flying the real plane. If you train enough nothing is hard.
    Did you ever had an emergency?
  • It wasn’t really an emergency. A few weeks ago a passanger was sick during a flight to New York. Luckily it was 20 minutes before landing when the fligjt attendant said it to me and he is OK.

Unfortunately due to lack of time I wasn’t able to ask all of your questions.
He was so nice he said he would come back to answer all of your questions. I will make another topic in the feature and you can ask as many questions as you want. Thank you!