Interview with a Concorde passenger.

Hey everyone! Today I bring you and interview between I and my step-grandmother, who was once a passenger on the Concorde in the late 70’s. She flew from New York to London.

what was the experience like?

“Very loud. The flight itself was very nice however, quite smooth and the seats were comfortable. The stewardesses were very friendly, and that’s the last time I remember eating a meal on a flight.”

was going supersonic any different from a normal flight?

“Yes and no. Cruising- it felt perfectly normal, but takeoff and landing was a little different. When we were taking off it was very very loud.”

would you do it again?

“Yes. The Concorde is retired now isn’t it?” “Yes” “that’s what I thought. It was different, and special. It was a very short flight so that was really nice.”

how long was the flight?

“About 3 and a half hours. Considering your flight from Colorado to here (Arizona) was about 2 and a half, it was very fast.”

one to ten, how enjoyable was the experience?

“I’d say an 8. I read they were bringing back supersonic airliners?” “I think so.” “Well that’s good. It was so fast, but it was very loud, and pretty small. Smaller than you’d expect.”

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That must’ve been an enjoyable experience. I still wish I could go for a flight on it :(


I’ve seen the concord at the udverhazi (udvirahzi? Something like that, the Aviation museum in DC), just from the outside it’s so unique, they also have a 707 in there I think, but as cool as that is if you squint it’s an airliner, same as the rest, but from any angle, every part the Concord just looks so unique…

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Cool. And the bringing back supersonic aircraft is advertised on Boeing’s insta.


They say it’ll be back soon with Virgin and JAL in the form of the Boom Supersonic Jet

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