Interview Follow-up | The questions that weren't published

A short while back, IFN published an interview of me in which the community submitted questions. Not all of the questions submitted were published and so I have come to answer the unanswered. I’m also open for more questions as well.

Slow people. I can’t stand people that are slow. Whether it’s driving or walking; both of those should be done as if you have some place to be or some sort of purpose.

I actually would not wish for more wishes. I would only wish for about 800 million dollars. The first 500 million would be used to purchase a fully customised 747-8BBJ. The next 150 million for maintenance and fuel costs over the lifetime of the aircraft. The next 56 million for the aircraft crew. 24 million for 24 different charitable causes. 10 million for living expenses for the rest of my life (I figure 125,000/year for the next 80 years). 2 million for the house and cars that I want; I don’t need much house, I do want quite a bit of land though. 28 million put into a savings account just to have in case of emergencies. And the remaining 20 million to distribute among family and friends.

The biggest challenge and really the only one I’ve noticed is having to switch out of a civilian mindset whenever I have drill. Because we don’t always have that strictly defined rank structure, it’s very easy to become too casual with senior enlisted. Something rather frowned upon and we have to be careful to avoid that. I’m sure there are other challenges that could be pointed out, but again, this is really the only one I’ve noticed.

A couple things actually…
I would like to see us bring back the podcast that we once had and improve upon the mentoring program that we currently have in place. We also are working on an alliance that will benefit not only us, but 6 other VA’s as well. I have a feeling the oneworld alliance will bring about quite a few good things in 2018.

I think the key players are Frontier, BA, Qantas, and Delta. Qantas has been around for a long time and I don’t see them disappearing any time soon. BA is ever growing and has quite the enduring spirit as I’ve mentioned before. Delta has always been a popular airline and thats a large part of their success. But frontier is the one that i think will have the most success. i cant put my finger on it, but there is just something about them that makes frontier a force to be reckoned with. tons of respect for the VA.

That’s all for the questions that didn’t make it into the interview. Like I mentioned, I’m up for more, that is if you want to know more.


I should do one for my unanswered questions hahahaha

  • Yes you should
  • No I’m tired of you Dush

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I’m gonna say maybe… I’m on the fence with you.

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I have to say I completely agree with you. There’s nothing worse than rushing round a shopping centre trying to get your Christmas shopping done and you’re being delayed by some people trudging around at -1mph. So frustrating 😡


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