Interval to request descent

Just moments ago I received a Lvl 2 Violation for spamming, and I believe that I kinda deserved it but I just have some questions for the future.

Situation: Madrid Centre with loads of traffic

I entered the frequency a little before entering the airspace sincce my navaid (TOD) was on the border so I wanted to be able to request it a little bit in advance. with no response, so after 2.5-3 min I request to descend to 33000ft once again and again, for 15 min (so about 5 times or sum) with no response. I see how this could come over as spammy, but my fpl required me to descent (due to fuel reasons). Until I just got a violation, no warning, or any other message.

So my question is, what is an appropriate interval to request a descent so this won’t happen again?

Greetings and thanks in advance,

I would say 2-3 minutes in between each request is appropriate - I don’t see why the controller never responded to your descent request - who was the controller at the time?

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Not exactly necessary to ask this question considering you’re provoking a response that isn’t exactly pertinent to the situation. As with any report situation, you will receive a definitive answer by contacting @appeals.

@MatsVerhoelst, if you haven’t done so, please do contact them, even if you feel as if you deserved the violation. You’ll get a much better explanation than what we have to give since they’ll have a full understanding of what exactly happened after you’ve given them your replay.


I’ll do that later! thank you though.

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