Intersection takeoffs

It would be great to allow intersection takeoffs…

Some ATC do, if they don’t allow it it’s probably because of a busy airport.

Unfortunately, these are very hard to handle as a controller. It is difficult to manage three lines of departures.

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This isn’t a feature.

There isn’t anything stopping you from making an intersection departure other than ATC it is already in the game. He is asking atc to allow intersection departures. So therefore this is not a feature request.


Usually only a prop aircraft is gonna do an intersection takeoff it’s always go to the end of the runway

But what if your in a a320 & your at LAX you don’t need the full 11000 or 10000ft of the runway?

I haven’t personally seen it at lax but in PANC I always see them go to the end of runway

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I’d prefer you all get in line at the end for full length unless you’re in a prop.


My recent visit to YMML, I saw at least 6 intersection departures. Not overly large planes, but 737’s and the like. I saw first hand the benefit of it, as the controller was able to sequence more take offs before the next plane came in for landing,

edit having said that, 2 takes offs and 1 landing on the same runway in 2 minutes attempted in IF would probably see planes flying through each other. A bit different when you don’t have ground/tower/approach/departure/centre all in play watching everyone’s altitude and speeds

At DRW the Qantas 738 departed from the intersection not quite half way done.

Depends on the ATC controller mostly…

When I was in active full-time pilot, and smaller planes, I went off and request an intersection take off. Even though there were circumstances where it was appropriate, off of the ATC controller in infinite flight would think I was making a mistake, because I couldn’t acknowledge that I was asking for the intersection option.

We have now progressed into the features. But I disagree with the poster who said let’s take this into features, because were really talking about how closely at the aviation environment in infinite flight supports the actual experience a flight that pilots such as myself experienced numerous times

Though this is off topic, I feel it needs to be said. Please stop asking people to move their topics to categories that they don’t belong in. I have already seen you do it multiple times today. If you need to, read up on the exact guidelines for each category. Thanks.


Why would it be great? Im guessing you use this to cut the line??? Just curious

You mean in real flying? No.

In meat space flying, I would use an intersection take off on a short runway if they were is adequate headwind. I would use an intersection take off in the event there are larger planes further down the runway, because I can be off the ground, after they’ve already been cleared to line up and wait.
So yeah, in my SR 22, or my piper turbo arrow , A small plane pilot can slip out of the airport environment and a fraction of the time that it takes a larger aircraft, without inconveniencing that larger aircraft.

I just want to say sorry, I use speech to text, so you have to read between the lines to know what I actually said

It kinda is a feature, so I agree.

Please stay on topic. It’s fine where it is as a specific feature is not being requested.

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Is this even an option with current ATC command?

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