Intersection Departures Feature

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I will keep it short. Some controllers do not favor intersection departures, although I agree it’s a wonderful skill to posses. Can we have a command that ask/request a full length taxi to the absolute beginning of the runway

ATIS has this feature once you make it to IFATC. Are you asking for a command that can be found in “misc,” perhaps?

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There’s already a command for that.

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First off, don’t forget to vote for your own request. Second off, I’m confused. You mentioned two different things, so it isn’t clear what you are requesting.

I think what he is asking for is a command in the ATIS that says something like, “Aircraft must taxi to the very end of their assigned runway.”

Only for expert, if I’m correct. There maybe pilots or ATC who need to learn or train for that too before expert

What command are you talking about? ATIS is only for expert. There’s no reason in implementing it to TS1 because barely anyone listens to ATC on TS1 now.


On expert there is ATIS to relay this message to pilots. However because of no ATIS, throw us controllers on TS a bone, when a pilot request taxi there can be a command to taxi full length unless you do a progressive taxi, which is workload not efficient. Now that doesn’t go to say it will always be followed on TS, but it’s a start.

So basically this?

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Tower has “no intersection departures allowed” at the bottom of the misc messages. Might want to double check if it’s present for TS controllers as well.


That works too

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Today I took the daring chance and flew out of EGKK on expert. I was the only aircraft to taxi full length and other pilots were upset saying I skipped the line because the controller was VERY NICE ENOUGH to let me takeoff before 8 lined up planes which were all intersection departing.

I have listened to a number of ATC communications and they request a full length taxi from the pilot . I’m assuming it’s for traffic flow. I do realise on IF most are in a rush or want to be seen for the replay or YouTube.

When I was controlling most of us controllers didn’t use ‘intersection departures’ because of the way the taxiways are, and plus, saved a lot of commotion. I see your pain with this, but sometimes you’ve just gotta go with the flow… control.

Already implemented. “No intersection departures”