Intersecting Runways

I had approach at MIA this morning, and when possible was accommodating requests for runway 12, even though the vast majority of inbounds were 08L and 09. Some of you were probably wondering why you weren’t given a more direct route to 12… Here’s why…, it’s up to the approach controller to guarantee that there isn’t an issue at the intersection, which sometimes requires taking you on a less than direct route. So… now you know!


You let me have runway 12 because there were no other nearby inbounds to the airport at that time. I know that it can be hard to guarantee spacing, let’s say you have a guy on base for 12 going quickly and downwind for 9 going slowly. And then once they both reach final the guy for 12 slows down, the spacing you thought they had is now gone and then tower has to go through the inconvenience of issuing a go-around. Just explaining to those who don’t know :)


That situation is exactly why I provide huge margins with intersecting traffic.

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The other thing to be aware of is sometimes it’s impractical to use the intersecting runway. If I have 20 planes lined up for 08’s and 09, it’s just not practical to jerk them around to accommodate a 12 arrival.

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I was NJRR20 and I requested 12 but was assigned 8L (oh well) I wasn’t super surprised because there were a few planes around that could’ve been a problem. But thanks for controlling and doing an amazing job!

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Yeah… sometimes i can get you in by circling you around till the intersecting planes are clear, but that’s not very considerate for you. If I could ask you if you you would mind holding, that would be another story.

Very rarely will you get 12, because controllers will use the 8’s and 9 to avoid the intersecting runway problems, plus, tower will usually send departing aircraft to the 8’s and 9, and if a long line up, that leaves 12 for deps.

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