Internet Shortage on Final

Hi all,
I’m just wondering if there is a correct procedure to follow when it comes to this. 20NM from landing and my internet dies. Already cleared to land, number 3. So I appear invisible to everyone. Then reappear when internet decides to work, say perhaps 10nm in. Do I keep flying my intended course at risk of cutting in the line of approaching aircraft?


I am by no means an expert so take this advice as you see fit, but if I were in your case and I leapfrogged aircraft or I somehow managed to reappear in the wrong order, I’d declare a go around so that ATC doesn’t have a nightmare trying to figure out how I got where I am and how to handle the situation.
Again that’s just what me, a noob, would do.


It depends on how long you were offline. If it was like 4-7 minutes I would message the controller “With you” to notify him/her maybe… I don’t know if that is the correct procedure though.


My fix to that problem is to get better internet.


I would say performing a go around would be the best option


Not possible when you live in an island with one internet mast my friend.


Oh, ok then. You should keep flying your intended course.

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If you are invisible for any length of time, be prepared to take corrective action when you reappear. If you’ve managed to skip in front of someone, or there isn’t proper separation (either ahead or behind), you should be the one that goes around rather than the others.


Thank you for the clarification @Tim_B, much appreciated!

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What I would do is go do something else for a few minutes, then come back to IF and if it is working, then good. If not, don’t ask me what is going on, maybe your device is old or you just don’t have good internet?

1 island, 700 people, 1 internet mast. This happens on occasion, nothing can be done about it. Got an answer now though, so I know what to do next time. 😉


If the internet shortage last longer than it should be, I would divert to another airport and wait until the internet comes back. When Global comes, this is what I plan to do instead of holding patterns and burn a lot of fuel.


I personally would disconnect the flight. It’s only 100 XP gone…

Also decreases confusion for the controller

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Really depends, if it was a short period of time then just notify the controlller by saying “with you”. If that isn’t the case, I would just go around.


@Laura_Murphy… MaxSez: Why take a chance, Best bet fly a “Missed Approach” just to be on the safe side unless it’s just a fludder. (“With you” don’t get it, without a follow up intention Xmit. With You, k for what? No response available for this situation. ) (IF “Going Around” is Uunicom related only and a substitute for Missed at uncontrolled fields). Missed for Controlled air space.


It depends. When you disappear, i make an invisible projection of you in the pattern if its not busy and most pilots manage to do well enough that they continue to land as sequenced without disrupting traffic.

If you are in a busy airport, I’ll usually try to accommodate unless you disappear for too long around 15-10nm then you lose all priority and will be sent around because i still have to depart flights and our absence is an advantage to depart 2-3 flights. Im going to depart one after another and you might not have the spacing needed to landing when you come back, so im not going to cancel a TO clearance to accommodate.

If you appear in close proximity of other flights around you, then you will have to go around to the back of the traffic. If it is inconvenient, feel free to depart to another airport xD

Tim and cannedaviation have given the type of corrective action I appreciate of pilots when they reappear, instead of messaging for a new clearance or making yourself easier to ghost when you find yourself disrupting other, best to divert early or call a go around than insisting you can make the landing.

If theres enough spacing between the aircraft before and after you, i probably wont clear you a second time given you have just had enough going through your mind when you pop right back in, so if you are confident, feel free to continue your landing unless told to go around ^^

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Thank you so much! Very helpful answer!