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i want to report an issue’s that i always disconnect to the server recently,and so do my friends.because of it i was always disconnectedby the ATC for i couldnot communicate with them well.I’ve been attempting to improve the internet connection in many ways but none of them worked.So it’s considered that the servers need to be expanded or fixed.All in all,i hope the internet connection could be improved as quickly as possible.

This may seem like a stupid question but was your internet connection perfect or not?

Good enough to play PUBG well


We haven’t had any noticeable connectivity issues or operational issues server side at all for the past couple of days.

In what way do you notice this disconnection?

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I always disconnect and so do some of my friends.But the disconnection often disappeared soon.

In what way do you notice this disconnection?

The green arrowhead on the right top corner became a red “!”

At the same time all planes on the map disappear


Are you using a VPN?

Nope,I didn’t

It might be a good idea to try.
As I’m sure you’re aware, the “GFW” that controls a lot of connectivity in & out of China can cause a lot of issues. It’s unfortunately not uncommon for some users located in China to experience this with Infinite Flight.

OK thank you I’ll try.BTW,which VPN do you suggest?

Surfshark VPN

Sam chui gives you a 75% discount I think plus 3 months free. Might be worth giving it a try

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thank you very much for helping me!wish infinite flight become better and better

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You might want to check this out

Fun stuff coming soon

Happens to me all the time and my wife is top tier

I know you meant your wifi is top tier but this was too funny to not point out 😂


See if any of the steps I earlier listed in another topic, linked below, are of any help.


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