Internet connection problem

The flight was freezing when the internet connection has a problem.When the internet has coming back,it doesn’t want to connected back.

Can anyone tell me the cause.

What device are you using?
Are you on Wifi or Cellular?
Did you leave the flight right before this for any reason?

Xiaomi Redmi 8
No.I just using the split screen to watch YouTube.

That’s probably the reason. Infinite Flight is not optimized for multi-tasking. Try a flight again without using the split screen and see how it goes.

Ok.I will try it.

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I’ve had a similar problem except without split screen where the servers randomly cut out and back on

Split Screen is currently not supported. Chances are the OS put the app on hold which is similar to you minimizing the screen to go to another app which is why the connection dropped.

It’s more of while in session without switching apps it randomly disconnects then reconnects my device is android galaxy s10e

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