Internet connection live / replay impact

Hi everyone!
It’s not a problem, just a question about live flights, replays and internet connection.
If my connection during the flight (live) are not so good it will impact the replay ? Like if for replay I have a much better connection, the views will be better ? Or because the connection during the live flight was not so good, the replay will be the same doesn’t matter if the connection is better ?

Sorry not that easy to explain!


Your replay will be exactly what it was like during your flight. If you lost connection during the flight for example lose aircraft this will show in replay.

Ok thanks for your answer. So it’s not trying to download again the scenery if I understand

The scenery should already be downloaded from when you conducted the flight

This isn’t the case

Scenery will be redownloaded if necessary when viewing a flight replay (it is not stored in the replay file). Multiplayer disconnections may cause data gaps for other aircraft in the replay but the rest should be fine

Ok perfect thanks for your answer!

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