International unicom

Hi all,
The other day, I was approaching KLAX (uncontrolled) and whilst announcing my landing, I noticed that whereas I addressed Los Angeles Unicom, another pilot addressed Los Angeles International Unicom ( see picture).

Have you ever seen this or know why that is?

Thanks and happy flying!


That’s weird… not a clue what might cause that. Interesting…



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Did it announce Intl or did it sound like all the others?

Could it be linked to the Delta 851?

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Doubt that

I remember I heard it, this is why I paid attention.

Interesting…Was the voice of the pilot any different from others?

Hmm good question, I don’t think they would have noticed if it sounded the same as the others.
But I don’t know, Im not the OP

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This I cannot remember, but it was one of the voices I am used to hear.

About the only thing I can explain this to be is likely this person was using a different voice option which came in as your Default voice and could be why it pronounced it with the Intl.

I see below the highlighted Clear of All RW’s it pronounced it as usual. I personally have never noticed this so very interesting find you got here!

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Actually, I just listened to the replay and I hear the voice saying I N T L as letters instead of saying international.

No this is text-to-speech remember, they are supposed to say the same thing. Its not recordings

Yes they wouldn’t say international when the text itself says intl. This is apple’s text-to-speech engine, and not Infinite Flight’s

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Sure, I realize that, thanks! Still a little mistery to solve there. I guess someone knows why this happened here and will explain!

Yes which is why I said it was likely a different apple generated voice that utilized that. Which is weird that the game prompted it to say that.

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Yeah Im quite keen to know this as well actually

Exactly, it’s something with the Infinite Flight text, and nothing to do with the text-to-speech.
Still confused as to what exactly happened here

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Was a female voice.

Whats ur default voice in IF?