International terminals

How do in terms of who has what gates do international terminals work as I can’t find a clear answer on google and I recall listening to jfk atc one day and hearing something about Aeroflot waiting for a gate that Lufthansa was in and I know that the two aren’t even in the same alliance and I know often planes are taken to different gates for intl departure after they drop off the arrival passengers but could someone explain this in a bit more detail please?

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I repeat google didn’t seem to have a clear answer to me

It’s different for all airports and arrivals and deeps can be done at the same gates. They use areas that lockdown when passengers board and disembark to keep them separated. At Heathrow they do it either on location, e.g. a lot of asian carriers fly from Terminal 4. BA and IAG airlines use Trrminal 5 and other airlines use T3. T2 is for star alliance airlines. At Dubai it’s Emirates and all the other airlines go to another terminal.


It all depends on the airport.

Let use jfk where the intl arrivals is t4 bc that’s what I’m talking about

Go to a airports website and find out

T4 is not the only international terminal. T1 hosts Korean Air, Lufthansa, Saudia, Etihad, Emirates, Aeroflot, Air China, EVA Air, Philippines, and many more.


No I mean arrivals bc in the us a intl flight can depart from domestic terminal

Okay, all of the airlines I mentioned arrive in T1. Just look it up on google.

Regard less I’m talking about intl gate owner ship if you will
Look at my Aeroflot Lufthansa example

It’s not just 2 airlines sharing one gate. There are 11 gates in Terminal 1 for 20+ airlines.

Basically what @UpgradeMe said. Just remember that sharing is always caring, even in the Airline world

I guess but I figured as most capitalists do they would make it so competition can’t play

That’s not how it works. JFK is slot controlled.

I always thought that an airline “bought” the gate

Also note that most of these airlines aren’t necessarily competing. Brussels Air is not competing with Korean Air on their routes out of JFK.

I guess but wouldn’t aer lingus and BA

I get you point though

No, they are both owned by the same parent company. (IAG)

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