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Welcome to the International Spotting Community

The International Spotting Community is a community where aviation photographers go to share their photos, get advice, and publish their work.

We aim to help photographers with their photography needs, including advice, and a great community to share with. We target photographers with different skill levels in order to improve community discussion.

Get Advice

Our team of photography experts will aim to help you. Whether you need to know if your photo is good, or you need help editing, our team will help you.

We are gathering a community of amazing people, so why not give us a shot?

Our guides

We have guides of all sort. From photography, to editing, and even select airport spotting guides! We want you to educate yourself on whatever you need help improving on.

Sharing your photos

We want you to share all of your aviation photos with us! Whether you want to show us something cool, or you want to get advice on how to make it better, we want you to be open about your photography.

Helping the community

If you’re an experienced photographer, and you want to help our beginner photographers, we have a place for you! Your job will be to help our beginner members become great photographers.

Come one, Come all

We want you to come and join our awesome community. We would like all the photographers we can get! Even if you take pictures on your phone, or you have a mighty DSLR, we want you to come and experience the ISC!

We are a fast growing community looking to expand!

Please note, we are for regular aviation spotters.

Please, join our discord to become apart of our community!

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Wanting to find out more information about what we do? Join our discord!

Our current admins:


Awsome @JRRaviation! You have done so much for the spotting section of this community! Can’t wait to see what this new community has to offer!


Thanks guys! @Samuel123abc @JRRaviation


Officially followed. Seeing your previous photographs this will definitely be an account worth checking out.


Thank you! I guess you liked my photos…and I hope you joined ISC :)


ISC as in the Discord channel or something different? I only followed the Insta.


Probably the discord ;)


This looks great guys, thanks for setting it up! I’d love to join in :)


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