International Spotting at Narita Airport

Unfortunately my trip in Japan has to end, but at least I got these nice photos on the way out

Using an iPhone because yes

Big cyan turtle-whale A380

What’s this guy doing in Japan? Oh right their hopper service across the Pacific

ANAs behind the 737

United 787

Evo Blue 777

Air China A330

Another one?

Thai 777

Retro Air Canada 787-8 (my flight)

Cyan’s brother Blue

Let the insults begin! Thanks for viewing


Stay tuned for my trip report from Narita to Toronto!

The two United B737-800’s will be going to Saipan and Guam. But some very nice pictures there!

Thanks 😊 this is my first spotting topic

Update on my flight: we’ve been delayed slightly due to slow passengers

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Delays sound about right for AC

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Those ANA liveries are so cool.

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Nice shots!

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We ended up with a delay of around 1 hour, but we here now

Devs if you read this you must add ANA A380s

Agreed and btw great shots!

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