International flights out of small cities/Islands

Tonight I am looking for a 10 to 14-hour flight from a small city or island to anywhere really. An example of a smaller airport to me is KCVG-LFPG though that is a shorter flight so I cannot do that. Thoughts?

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I know Aruba has some. And Pointe a Pitre. Also some other Caribbean islands


KMEM to EDDF, LFPG, LIRC, EDDK, or EGGW. All real FedEx flights.

One I like is FIMP-LFPG. A stunning departure out of a small island up north crossing through the alps with the A350.

this may not be realistic but,
try it from the Northern Mariana Islands (any island from the archipelago)
towards the Russian city of

generic livery maybe


Air Tahiti Nui Papeete to Tokyo with the 787-9. Probably around 10-11 hours.

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Flying out of WADD (Denpasar) would be a pretty nice choice. As you can see views of Bali island as soon as you took off and you can see mountains around you.

WADD-EPWA with LOT 787-8 is a pretty interesting one, or, you can try WADD-LTFM in Turkish Airlines (supposed to be served by 787-9 but we don’t have the livery though. However you can substitute it with Turkish A359 or Generic 789)

Flight Number Route Duration Aircraft
LO6555 WADD-EPWA 13 hours 787-8
TK67 WADD-LTFM 12 hours and 55 minutes 787-9
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the scenery there is very cool

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Yup! It’s awesome indeed so you need to try it once ;)

i saw it in real life not IF
while being in a Garuda Indonesia B737-800!

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Woah, Awesome! Hope you had a great time in Denpasar during your stay. :D

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its around 2017
that happend 3 years ago

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MKJS to EDDF or MKJS to EGLL or MJKP to either of those…


using a JAL B787

Johannesburg to Walvis Bay to St Helena in the E175 i belive. They don’t have the livery for South African Express though. Its a fun route, you fly into Walvis Bay for a refuel and then to the most secluded island ever, St Helena


Jeez 16 replies lots of choices thank you for imput

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I’ll let a few more roll in before I decide

Santo Domingo DR to Paris France or Madrid Spain

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SLC-CDG (My first long haul in IF)

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