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International First Responders is the leading Infinite Flight emergency service organisation saving lives and protecting the community in fires, disasters, medical emergencies and criminal incidences. Additionally, we provide the most accurate, relevant advice and information about current and general emergencies that members of the IFC may face in real life.

Hello and welcome to Infinite Flight’s first emergency service organisation. I, JamesQFA380 was inspired by the devastating Australian bush fires in 2019/2020 as well as the feedback from the IFC wanting to not only support emergency services but also to understand what emergency personnel do and how to prepare themselves for such disasters. As a firefighter with the News South Wales Rural Fire Service (Australia), I decided to seize the opportunity and to do exactly that by creating an organisation focused on virtual emergency response and sharing information about different types of emergencies.

I am overjoyed that IFR is now an officially approved organisation and am excited to share the future of the service with Infinite Flight, the IFC and most importantly you. With new, improved and fascinating features regularly coming to the organisation over the coming weeks and months as well as our upcoming plans, I look forward to seeing you in the skies with me responding to realistic virtual incidences and events!

See you around

Commissioner and Founder of International First Responders

Within IFR we have a headquarters located at YSSY (Sydney, Australia) called the GCC. This site houses our Executive (staff) team responsible for the daily and long term strategic operation and plan of the organisation. Flying the Boeing 757-200 and Cessna Citation X, our Executive Team consists of:

Commissioner and Founder: @JamesQFA380
Assistant Commissioner: N/A
Chief superintendent: N/A

Community Engagement Officer Operational Officer (OpO) Membership Officer

The Infinite Flight police specialise in Quick Reaction Alert, crime observation and spotting, escorting, perimeter control, assisting aircraft in distress, dogfighting, organised crime prevention, community information events, supply gathering and dispatch operations.

Infinite Flight Police Fleet
Rank Requirements Aircraft
Trainee Start of general policing course Cessna 172
Support (optional rank) Successful completion of police course Dash 8 Q400
Constable Successful completion of police course Cessna 208 and A-10
Senior Constable Minimum 50 hours F-14 and F-16
Leading Senior Constable Minimum 75 hours F-22
Sergeant Minimum 100 hours AC-130

Aerial Firefighting
The Infinite Flight Firefighters specialises in general firefighting, low level attacking, mountainous attacking, Remote Area Firefighting, asset/community protection, assisting with prescribed fuel-reduction burning (Hazard Reduction), community information events, supply gathering and firecom operations.

Infinite Flight Fire Fleet
Rank Requirements Aircraft
Trainee Start of basic firefighter course Cessna 172
Support (optional rank) Successful completion of basic firefighter course Dash 8 Q400
Firefighter Successful completion of basic firefighter course Boeing 717
Deputy Captain Minimum 50 hours C-130
Senior Deputy Captain Minimum 75 hours DC-10F
Captain Minimum 100 hours Boeing 747-8

Air Ambulance
The Infinite Flight Paramedics specialises in rapid response airlift, remote paramedicine, mass causality evacuation, remote GP flights, intensive care paramedicine, community information events, supply gathering and dispatch operations.

Infinite Flight Paramedic Fleet
Rank Requirements Aircraft
Trainee Start of paramedicine course Cessna 172
Support (optional rank) Successful completion paramedicine course Dash 8 Q400
Paramedic Successful completion paramedicine course TBM-930
Intensive Care Paramedic Minimum 50 hours CRJ-200
Station Officer Minimum 75 hours C-130
Station Manager Minimum 100 hours C-17

Senior Ranks (non-staff)
The IFR Senior Ranks are specifically for members who have been within IFR for years with a significant amount of experience or real-life emergency service experience. The Senior Ranks specialises in operational, service and organisational supervision, coordination, management, command, strategies and tactics.

Infinite Flight Senior Rank Fleet
Rank Requirements Aircraft
Deputy Group Commander After Captain/Station Manager/Sergeant or elected after Deputy Captain/Senior Constable/Intensive Care Paramedic Boeing 737BBJ
Group Commander After Deputy Group Commander Boeing 737BBJ
Inspector After Group Commander Boeing 737BBJ

First Responders
  • 15 years old.
  • Trust Level 2 (member) on the Community Forum in good standing.
  • Grade 3.
  • 40 hours of flight time (10 hours being recent).
  • Violation/landing ratio of 0.25 in the last 12 months.
  • No reports or violations within the last six months.
  • Able to respond to incidents without prior notice - when schedule shows available.
  • Have a pro subscription on Infinite Flight.
  • Have a discord account.
  • Must not be on the IFVARB blacklist or watchlist.
Senior Ranks
  • First responder requirements plus
  • Held position of Captain for at least one year or
  • Current or past real world first responder.
  • Maximum of four reports in the last year.
  • 100 flight hours (20 hours being recent).
  • 500 ATC operations
  • Able to fly long distances/for hours without prior notice.
Executive (Staff)
  • First responder requirements plus
  • Maximum of two reports or violations in the last year.
  • Six months of previous experience in another VO/VA or
  • Admin experience in real life.
Application Process
  • Paperwork: attaining all the required paperwork for your application. This is the stage you are currently at. Keep an eye on your notifications, if there is an issue or missing paperwork we will contact you via PM. If you have emergency/flight experience as mentioned in Senior Rank notes then you will complete the ‘Current/Prior Emergency Service/Flight Experience’ form which can be received on request from the membership team. Also do not forget to upload your full stats table and violation table.
  • Background checks. This is to make sure you are in good standing with the community and hold yourself to a mature standard. You are not required to do anything at this stage.

  • Aptitude evaluation. While we complete your background checks, we require you to complete the next stage which is the IFR aptitude evaluation. This is a casual, ‘no wrong answers’ assessment that helps the membership team understand how you will behave and interact within the organisation. Please reply to this post with a comment when you have completed the evaluation.

  • Approved. If you are successful in all three stages then you will an officially approved new member. This is when you will receive your VI course, Service Standards (policy) manual and be allocated an aerodrome/airport that suits you after which you will receive your SI course to complete at your station with your crew.

IFR is not an emergency service organisation in any real-life or legal capacity.
IFR is not associated with any real-world emergency service, organisation or alike.


Looks really cool!


THIS IS COOL! It’s so original! Gonna check my schedules if I could join ya!

Question: Does it include emergency rural medical services too?

Used to watch a show about that when I was a kid, based on the legendary real life Aussie “flying foxes” (they used DeHavilland Fox). Here’s a modern day version of the show, not out yet:

RFDS (coming soon)

#RFDS Coming Soon - YouTube


Thanks a lot, @Noah_Wills and @CaptJJ, we’ve been working really hard to create a quality post for the IFC to share our new VO. We’re glad you like it!

IFR does certainly include emergency rural medical services. Being aviation-based, rural emergency service is a large part of the air ambulance sector.

We would love you to join us, either to check us out or to stay!


With the ranks, if you start with the police course and get 100 hours, can you move to the firefighting course and go back and forth?

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Hello, @Noah_Wills, you can join both from the very beginning. While we recommend choosing one for now as everyone is trialling/getting a taste for our organisation, as long as you’re active you can be part of all three sectors at once and a staff member or just part of one sector. It’s completely up to you.


Wow thats super cool! Where are you DC-10 tankers based out of?

Hello @EI-AVA, the DC-10 tankers are currently based at YSRI (Richmond RAAF base, NSW). This is due to the IFR headquarters being based in Australia and YSRI is the Australian base for the DC-10s.
In saying that, we are a very young organisation thus are very flexible to where things can be located. If you join and are interested in flying or developing the tanker aircraft within the service, you’re more than welcome in deciding it’s location and application for IFR.

Thanks for the question!


this is pretty neat looking

as someone who could look out their window and watch the DC-10 air tanker N612AX descend into their local airport, this is nice to see a VO with this kind of thing happening!


Thank you! I will consider joining!


This is a nice thread, and seems to be a nice VO!


It’s a very original idea, it’s also a good thread.

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Great news everyone, IFR has opened up applications again, if you would like to join plus click the link to begin!

JamesQFA380, Commissioner
International First Responders

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Sounds quite cool… I’m currently (on volunteer basis, as most are) employed by one of the world’s biggest humanitarian aid organisations, which also provides event medical care and regular EMS services in some countries.

I’ll have to think it over, but y’all certainly have my interest 😌

How do I apply when I click on the link on the position I want to apply for, it does nothing, I really want to be apart of this team. Thx

Apologies for that, we have fixed the website. Thanks for the feedback and you can now apply.

International First Responders

I just sent it in, can’t wait to be in the skies.