International Cargo Group wishes everyone a Happy New Year

With another year in the books, International Cargo Group would like to thank everyone who has become involved with us this year.
It all started out with a small little airline of FedEx and DHL aircraft and only about 6 pilots and two dedicated staff members. We had no special features like PIREP forms or special website. We had nothing but a small and simple website. Over the course of the year things began to grow. We became partners with other airlines, made HUGE improvements to our website, including Pilot Reports and advanced pilot logs. We acquired UPS in to our fleet and eventually Cargolux! We created a team chat on Slack! With all these improvements in 2015 we are ready to call it a successful year and look forward to a new year with new people, improvements, and new cargo! Thank you to everyone who made 2015 a year to remember at International Cargo Group!
If you are a pilot looking for a great, active, and unique airline, look no further than International Cargo Group. Check out our website and apply today! Everyone gets accepted!!become-a-pilot/c5zv

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