International Cargo Group VA

Are you looking for a different sort of VA? Do you want to be a part of the VA with one of the largest and most unique cargo fleets in Infinite Flight? Welcome to International Cargo Group! We have been a VA since August 2015!
International Cargo Group is always looking for new pilots to join our constantly growing group of pilots! We have some of the most professional pilots in the business. We have many pilots (including 4 of our executive staff members) that are IFATC controllers, as well as a few Grade 5 leader board leaders! We strive to be more than just a VA, we are a group of Infinite Flight users that share their love for the SIM and fly together.
VA Features:
-We have many ways that we bring our pilots and staff together. We have a Facebook group to share photos of our flights and ask questions.
-Our main source of communication, Slack! On Slack, pilots can ask questions about something within the VA, make suggestions, organize events, coordinate group flights together, or just have a friendly conversation about anything! Our executive staff is very friendly and understanding and willing to answer any questions one might have! (Please note that this is required after being accepted)
-Our website is equipped with many handy features such as Pilot Reports to be sent in after every flight, pilot rosters showing all the pilots and their flight time, info about the VA, and much more!
-Heavy Haulers program: Every month we recognize the pilots with the most flight time and share it on our website. We recognize the top three pilots for most total flight time, and the top three pilots for most flight time in a month.
-If you are a new pilot to Infinite Flight, we’ve got something for you! Our Flight Training Program. Upon people applying to become a pilot, everyone has to take a written test worth 15 points. We also check for XP, flight time, and Grade. If you have low XP, flight time, and grade, or do not do so well on the written test, do not shy away from our VA, because we will train you and test you to become a more professional pilot. Not all pilots need to go through the training program, just pilots with low XP and flight time. ICG strives on having professional pilots, and pilots with low XP and flight time will be taught all that they need to know, and once they graduate the Flight Training Program they will have become a full pilot for ICG.
-We have 408 total routes featured in every region in Infinite Flight.
-Our fleet consists completely of cargo aircraft, with many different liveries. Our VA owns the airlines of FedEx, DHL, UPS, Southern Air, and Cargolux. Our fleet consists of the following:

  • Cessna 208 - FedEx and DHL
  • Boeing 757-200 - DHL and UPS
  • Airbus A330-200F - UPS
  • Boeing 777-200F - FedEx and Southern Air
  • Boeing 747-8 - Cargolux
    All pilots begin at the Cessna 208 and work their way up with ranking systems by getting promoted.
    -Partnerships: We have several partnerships and are working on getting many code-share routes with our partners.
    -VADC approved.

International Cargo Group staff team:
CEO: Dillon Greene @N1DG
COO: Ryan Greene @N1RG
President/Pilot Affairs: Tristin Woolf @Tristin_Woolf
VP of Marketing: Art Martinez @art_martinez
Advertisement Manager: Jordan Williams


Facebook Group:

Feel free to ask any questions about the VA, etc down below!


I would love to join! Going on the website now.


Great! We will await your application!

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I wish I could :( Too many groups already for me :(


POSA now has a cargo group managed by me


whats that suppose to mean exactly??

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How long has your cargo group been open and are you VADC approved?

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Are you sure people are okay with you exposing their private email on your website?
There is no warning of this when you apply *I haven’t applied

Hey Jack, Its a part of are pilot report system. each time a pilot send in a report its automatically updated and for this to happen it needs the email. if people are not okay with it they can just send us a dm or talk us on are slack page.

I haven’t had any problems with any emails at all. If anyone ever had a problem with it, I would immediately remove them.

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Decent VA presentation.
I’d recommend using a higher resolution for some of the pictures on your website.

Welcome to the VA business, good luck!

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Thanks. We actually have been in the VA buisness for a while.

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You should move to your own domain, not Wix. I did this for my website and its a lot better *I made my site myself, its cheaper.

Its in the works. This was just a temporary website.

Do it as soon as you can, good start thought.
If your interested… my site >

Thanks. We have been in this VA buisness for a while. We just are starting on are new website. When i started it i never thought it would grow but its time for a change and therefore a new own personal website.

Thanks for the kind words! I must agree with some of the photos, although Wix does not make it easy to get high resolution photos to stay at high resolution. Wix has given me a few headaches, for sure!

And as a matter of fact, we have been a VA since August, we just haven’t been very active on the forum.

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I am working on a phpVMS website currently, a lot of work though.

I used Dreamweaver, and coded it from there. Bought a domain and uploaded what I made.

im not sure if we want to buy a domain. im sure @Tristin_Woolf can explain