International Cargo Group seeks ACTIVE pilots

The International Cargo Group is always looking for pilots! Stop by our website and fill out an application and start your flying with IF’s biggest cargo based VA! Fly UPS/Fedex/DHL/Southern Air and Cargolux liveries! Including a wide plethora of aircraft ranging from the Cessna 208 to the Boeing 747-8. With plenty of events for our pilots to get together and join in on group flights, the ICG is the premier Cargo VA for your Infinite Flight experience! We currently have 50 plus active members in the group flying from all across the globe. We also just update our website that has new features. International Cargo Group Website

New Features:
Pilots can now see how many hours they have
Introduced a flight dispatched system
Introduced “Heavy Haulers” program
Added an SOP(Standard Operating Procedure)

CEO:Dillon Greene @N1DG
COO:Ryan Greene
President and Book-Keeper" Roy Pratt @Roy_Pratt
VP of Marketing:Art Martinez @art_martinez
European Supervisor: Alexander Pehrman
Flight Dispatcher: Patrick Barton @Captain_Patrick


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