International Arrivals @ KBOS w/ Special Liveries

Before viewing these photos, please be aware that I used my iPhone 6 camera. The quality is piss poor, but I will bring my better camera next time. (I was rushing and forgot it). I have captioned each picture in case you can’t recognize the plane.

Today must’ve been my lucky day because I saw so many planes with special liveries. I hope you enjoy the photos! :)

Lufthansa B747-8i (Fanhansa) from Frankfurt

Qatar Airways A350-900 from Doha

Hainan Airlines B787-9 from Beijing

Virgin Atlantic A340-600 from London-Heathrow

Delta Airlines B767-400ER (Skyteam) from Amsterdam

TAP Portugal A330-200 from Lisbon

Air Berlin A330-200 from Düsseldorf

WOW Air A330-300 from Reykjavik

Azores Airlines A330-200 from Ponta Delgada

Aer Lingus A330-200 from Dublin

Japan Airlines B787-9 from Tokyo-Narita

Air France B777-300ER (Skyteam) from Paris

Turkish Airlines A330-300 from Istanbul

SAS B737-700BBJ from Copenhagen

@CopaAirlines B737-700 from Panama

Azores Airlines A310-300 from Lajes

(again, sorry for the quality. I’ll do better next time).


That A350 😍, B747, B737, B787, and A340-600, A330, B767, B777 😍 and A310 are amazing!

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Ha! Very funny👌😂, you typed my username. Nice photos btw.👏👍


Today was the first day I’ve seen an A350 up close :)

My friend flew on Busness Class on the A350 to Doha, he said it was amazing. He’s actually on this forum. @Yanek.Y

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Thank you! Yes, I’m a such a jokester. ;)

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Did he fly into Boston or somewhere else?

He flew into New York.

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Isn’t the SAS 737 in the US a rare find? ;)


It is! They fly daily to Boston with the BBJ. It has a pretty good flying range. :)

Nice. :) I think they flew to Houston daily for a while but they stopped the service for that. :(

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Nope, they do daily flights :)

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I wish SAS moved to the A330/340, but probably not because we already have Norwegian service to Copenhagen daily on 787-9.

I didn’t get any pictures, but I saw an Emirates 777-300ER from Dubai, a Swiss A330-300 from Zurich, an Icelandair 757-200 and 757-300 from Reykjavik, and a Norwegian 787-9 from Copenhagen.

SAS should have chosen KMHT in my opinion. If they are using a 737, MHT can handle that (since WN is the only carrier that USES the 737’s). And the airport can build a Customs Facility at Gate 4 if they happen to successfully land an International Carrier.

Besides, MHT used to have Int’l service with Air Canada.
CYYZ-KMHT (3x daily)
CYUL-KMHT (2x daily)

Service ended in 2010 when AC said it wasn’t profitable.

SAS to MHT wouldn’t be profitable either. People use SAS for business trips only. Boston is a huge business center and Manchester really isn’t.

Well, the airport is suffering due to airlines not putting up any new routes. MHT is hoping to get jetBlue to fly into MHT

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Nice shots!

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In case anyone is interested, these were my spotting locations: