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[details=D]Detroit Metropolitan International Airport:

  1. The McNamara Terminal is operated exclusively by Delta Airlines. This terminal used to be operated exclusively by Northwest Airlines before the airline merged with Delta Airlines several years ago.[/details]









London Heathrow International Airport:

  1. Heathrow sells more than 26,000 cups of tea, 35,000 cups of coffee and 1,050 bottles of champagne every day. More than 974 tons of chips are sold at the airport every year.
  2. More than 70 million passengers pass through every year – six million more than the UK population. 3/ 3. Heathrow is now the third busiest airport in the world after Atlanta in the US and Beijing, China. The busiest single day ever recorded was July 31 2011 when 233,561 passengers passed through the airport.
  3. Heathrow employs 76,000 people within the airport boundary.
  4. Safety vehicles are fitted with a digital scarecrow system that plays the distress calls of various bird species to scare them away from runways.
  5. Tucked away on the south side of the airport is Heathrow’s tiny sixth terminal – the Royal Suite used for royalty, visiting heads of state and certain celebrities. It has its own stand and is only opened on special occasions.
  6. Every day at Heathrow 1,400 flights take off and land – one every 45 seconds and nearly half a million per year.
  7. Terminal 5 has 30 miles of baggage conveyors, 2.8 miles of tunnels and 44 baggage reclaim belts. Around 53million pieces of luggage are processed every year.
  8. Three out of 10 passengers using Heathrow are travelling for business, 70 per cent for leisure.
  9. Heathrow has 65 air traffic controllers who undergo three years of training overseen by the College of Air Traffic Control. This includes time spent on a 360-degree 3D panoramic display screen that offers a virtual view from the control tower and replicates weather types.
  10. One bottle of Chanel No 5 is sold at World Duty Free at Heathrow every nine minutes.



Princess Juliana International Airport

  1. Because of the runway’s very close proximity to the ocean, beach-goers and tourists participate in a daring activity that they call riding the fence. Whenever an aircraft, especially larger ones, is throttling up for takeoff, people that are daring enough to try to fight the jet blast from the engines will see how long they can hold onto the fence that cordons off the runway from the beach.[/details]





Tocumen International Airport

  1. The airport serves as the homebase for Copa Airlines and is a regional hub to and from The Caribbean, South, North and Central America and additionally features routes to some major European cities.
  2. Nearly 9 million passengers traveled through Tocumen International Airport in 2014, up 6+ million since 2003.
  3. In August of 2015, Emirates announced that they would have a flight from Dubai to Panama City with a 266-seat Boeing 777-200LR. The flight was originally scheduled for February 1, 2016, but has been rescheduled until March 31, 2016. The total flight distance of this non-stop flight will be 7,463 miles.







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Is this for only US airports, or each letter is a different code?

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Each letter is the letter that the airport name starts with. Go under letter L and you will see London Heathrow. If you wanted to edit Sydney Airport, you would put it under S.

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can someone edit for me?

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I thought on a wiki anyone could…

This might be a stupid question, do I have to put the airport according to the country where is located or the name of the airport?

Ex: Los Angeles Int’l Airport. Locate in the L or in the U since it’s in the USA?


Located in L:) First letter of the Airport

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I don’t see the point of this topic…

Put some facts of your airport(s) in the list above…

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Any airport, I’ve never been to London

I added something about KDTW and TNCM (they are listed under D and P, respectively)

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