Internal sound in the new 777-200ER

There is some possibility that you increase the volume of the internal sound in the 772 since when I have it with headphones at a regular volume the internal sound sounds very low but the external one is very loud


I think you’ll find for any jet in real life, it sounds louder outside than inside. This is realistic.


yes but not such a low volume. and more if we talk about 777

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Well when flying on an aircraft for hours the last thing you want to hear is an engine at high power, that would become highly annoying, aircraft have really good sound blocking, so it’s not that loud IRL. The loudness of the engines in the internal views is the way it should be. If you want it to be “louder” go into your settings in IF jack up the SFX volume and turn down the ATC volume, so if you’re at a busy airport, the voices aren’t blaring

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He probably means an option to adjust the volume for interior sounds because me personally loves the interior sound, it’s relaxing and gentle
So I guess it’s a feature request?


imo you can always turn on the sound a touch more in the cockpit but I understand his point, sometimes going from a silent cockpit to the wing view with reversers on can literally destroy your ears


I would suggest for the upcoming reworked 777-300ER adding an option for wings views to choose either you want an internal sound (like the one in the cockpit) or an external one. That would increase the immersion and realism of the flight because the wings views’ sounds are extremely high

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Do you mean SFX volume?