Intermittent ATC

Many times I’m coming into LAX, have been given instructions by ATC, including being given clearance to land on a runway and Approach or Tower goes off line and when they come back I get a message that I’m in restricted airspace and need to check in with X. Is there no handoff procedure from one ATC operator to another? What should I do when live ATC goes off? I’ve assumed that I should fly VFR and contact Unicom to announce my intentions and call out my actions. Is that correct? Should I do something else?

I’m assuming Expert is much more consistent? Sometimes it feels like the wild, wild west in TS…

TS will be TS


Yes the training server is never very reliable. Occasionally you’ll get someone who actually knows what they’re doing. You’ll get to grade three in no time

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Im there-except for those 4 speeding tix under 10k in the last 7 days…😙

Trust me, if you go to other airports except for KLAX and EGLL that has Air Traffic Control on it, you’ll receive a better experience than KLAX and EGLL combined. This is mostly because the people controlling those airports are better than the Air Traffic Controllers at EGLL or KLAX (not saying that for those that are actually good-willing controllers trying to manage traffic :/), but that doesn’t say they may not mistakes though.

Ouch that hurts

I can be yours @FlyingBlind

Solution: don’t fly into KLAX EGLL or
KJFK on TS… I think a mod can close this now. 😛

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Is this TS or ES? KLAX is featured today

I believe she’s talking about ES.

lol just a few comments earlier you said the solution is to not fly into KLAX on TS

It’s TS as noted in the original comment

ES has been a madhouse as well tho

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Oh @xsrvmy it is TS i got this and the rant thread mixed up.

Rant :

Thanks for all the responses and hopefully I’ll be on expert soon.

Second part of my question. If ATC drops out, just jump to Unicom and follow VFR? Also, I’ve had several occasions I’ve been on final close to landing on Unicom and Tower/approach tells me in a controlled airspace and to state my intentions. If I go ahead and land can they penalize me ?

Yes, do that… although once ATC is back online, tune into their frequency ASAP. Depending on how ‘advanced’ they are in their role, they will (hopefully) just clear you to land or for the approach. Don’t stay on unicom if you’re on a 10nm final and the ATC is sending you on-guards. Simply checkin with them and report final and they will (once again, hopefully) clear you to land

It really depends on what you call “close to landing” if you’re talking about 500ft AGL, then I would simply land, although if possible, contact them. It also depends on the controller. Also, they cannot penalise you on the TS

Also, I think you could still fly IFR, that shouldn’t be affected if the ATC goes offline.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong though.

The way IF is set up, for a controller position to change one has to sign out, leading to Unicom for a bit, before the system recognises they are gone and the next signs in. On Ground and some other positions related to Tower this will lead to an automatic reconnection by pilots, but in others this isn’t the case and pilots need to tune in again. Controllers will ‘on guard’ those aircraft in their airspace that haven’t reconnected. It isn’t a threat or an error issue, just a request for that pilot to tune in to the relevant frequency.

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