Intermediate disconnecting from Global

Is anyone getting the red disconnects from global server here and there? It’s been happening to me ever since the 22.7 update

Tab S7
Android 12

Operating system:



We have not received any reports of this & can’t see any issues on the Global Server.

May i ask how much storage you have available?

I have 221 GB of storage left.

Hi there! I recommend to maybe delete some replays and maybe a device restart if that helps.

Have a good one.

Casual server keeps dropping out

And training server keeps dropping out on ATC

Im trying to ATC heathrow and it keeps cutting out

Training server is now unusable on ATC, have done many restarts and have an empty ipad

Hi! Which server are you on? I have also been experiencing this occasionally-frequently on the training server

Training server is dropping out every couple of minutes

Yeah, same for me.

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We’re attempting a reboot on both Casual & Training now!

Both restarted and looks green. Hopefully it stays…

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I agree @Captain_Draco the training server is broken including causual.

Yes, I should have mentioned that. I am on the training server.

Your case which this topic is really about is not relevant to the Casual & Training Server issues. Global Server is operating normally from all we can see and there’s not been any additional reports either for that one.

In your case, i would advise trying a different connection source if possible to start with.

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