Interjet Takes 1st A320neo


Not My Words, The Airline is the first in Mexico to operate the A320neo powered by Leap 1-A Engines.

This will open new doors for Interjet and will help them expand their operation.
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In the US isn’t it Spirit Airlines?

Not that I can see, so no

I was right lmfao @Cormac_Rocks

The a320neo is truly a magnificent aircraft. Glad to see so many airlines taking orders for them.

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That got delivered in October…

It’s definitely worth the money for them

Actually it was Frontier Airlines in the US not Spirit so yeah you lost it!

@A330fan No frontier took its first a320neo that they ordered.

Not the first to be dilivered one though

The A320 NEO is an amazing, strong, work horse aircraft. It’s great to see more airlines taking this beautiful aircraft into their fleet!

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Well the PW engines on the A320NEO have problems…Spirit only has 2 left operating at the moment. Let me find the link to the article…

Here is the link to the article

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