Interjet Airbus A320

There was another request for this aircraft, but it was locked.

The Mexican airline Interjet operates 42 Airbus A320, with 4 more in order and 5 more as option.

Link to the image.


Yes! I like it!


I like their light blue on the fuselage.

aren’t you supposed to ask mods to unlock it instead of creating new ones?

I don’t know. Besides, it’s been 4 month since it was closed.

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Love the snowflakes tail! Hope to see this soon!


I love this Airline"

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Nice livery!

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I would fly that any day, very nice

It’s alright, I like how this isn’t white bland all over.

Love this, hope they can add it soon. I like the logo

Interesting Logo! I’d like to see this livery on the A320, it’s a very nice design overall.

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This would be a great addition! Perfect for flights in Mexico! Or to/from Mexico.
Plus, I’ve flown with them in real life and for a low cost airline, it’s very good

It seems to be ordinary, but it attracts something

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Yeah, pretty good service 👌🏻 I give it 10/10


It would be great to have especially now with Mexico having better quality scenery

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Wow! I would like to see and fly with this livery

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Bringing this up! Say hello 👋🏻

I was searching for this livery in Infinite Flight and I couldnt find it… I cant believe this livery isnt in the simulator!!

I am out of votes, but I would love to see this!