Interjet A321

As we all know, IF gives us the opportunity to experience flight simulation from our phones and tablets, offering us a great variety of airplanes and airlines to use, making us able to simulate real life flights. But as we know, in spite of that great variety of airplanes and airlines there are still several to add and this is the case of Interjet.
Interjet is a Mexican airline that has an active fleet of approximately 82 aircraft. 48 A320, 14 A321 and 20 Sukhoi SuperJet 100.
I know that there have already been issues created asking to add this airline, but in spite of that, since it has not yet been added, I create this request so that the A321 of interjet are added.
Here are the images of the A320 and A 321.
Interjet A321

I hope this application is accepted and that this airline is added soon.
Once again, I know that this request has already been made before, but I do it again because the airline is not yet in IF.
I hope that like me, support this request.
Greetings and happy flights

Great request! One thing, you’re only allowed to have one photo per request man.


I edit it in a moment @RotorGuy

Hey Manuel,

You can find below the topics for Interjet liveries below. Be sure to vote for them.

You can edit this topic to make it for the livery in the A321neo as I couldn’t find any topic for it.


Actually I think this livery fits the Sukhoi Superjet best
Great request!

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put the aircraft name in the title:)

Definitely would love to have this livery in IF