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On way to improve the realism and feel to the sim would be to replace the current wingshot views with wingshot views from inside a window, the window could be dusty and move form side to side during Taxi, Takeoff and landing. Something very small like that would massively increase the aesthetic aspect of the game. Another thing would be to introduce slight bumps and hitches when on ground (Takeoff and taxi). Things shaking gently and more aggressively when taking off, this would be an Awsome feature to see along with the A320 or A319. Makes taxing, takeoffs and landings 110% more realistic.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask for tire smoke :)

But it would be cool

That’s all, cheers!


i want tire smoke cause thats long overdue and since last year it was coming soon


Would be great but then you couldn’t see as far around-Windowshade would restrict your view. The camera would also require them to work on the interior to make the window more aesthetically-pleasing. something we don’t need to have considering you would only see it in that camera view.

Long live the DC-9!

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Very true, although what I mean is just a window frame in a closer field of depth view, and a few scratch marks to make the glass stand out. Also you would ONLY need to work on the small frame on the inside, they could limit the camera rotations on the inside to very minimal, slight minuscule movements to the let and right; also having the zoom in feature and out feature.

Something like this ![image](upload://moZo78Yro37VkCtCSesHVt9kPT7.jpeg) indent preformatted text by 4 spaces

Very good idea!

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I like the idea. Interior view of the wing/engine with the muffled engine sounds

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