Interior passenger cabin rework for ALL AIRCRAFT

I agree but still very advanced many passengers and lighting but the rest😐

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I’m wondering? What made the devs add the cabin to the 717 but then stopped?

What about premium economy and the Boeing sky interior? We could take this further, exit configuration, galleys, lavs, etc.

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Let’s include different color schemes to choose from…

If you want physical 3D passenger models in the cabin, I can pretty much assure you the game would end up crashing/lagging with 70 people in a CRJ9. Every surface in a 3D model is comprised of small flat planes that are connected to make a rounded surface. Humans are really hard in this sense as they’re entirely curvy.

I think they were just looking to add detail so it would look like exterior realism. (Making it realistic by looking at the cabin from the outside.) but I could be wrong. :)

I don’t know, if they added pilots then it is surely possible to add 3D passengers. (Unless you mean the number of them.)

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The number of them, each polygon modeled makes it harder to render.


By this do you mean looking from the outside of the aircraft and seeing the passengers through the windows or something else?

I don’t think the level of detail that you want is something that the developers should focus their time on honestly. Even the best study-level aircraft on pc sims don’t even have “realistic seating”, lighting for different classes and passengers. The time spent doing all these things could be spent working on other things that actually improve the experience for everyone in my opinion.

Absolutely agree. I mean, look at the cabin in the CRJ jets. It even has mood lighting. And we are taking about a mobile sim, not xPlane. I think the capacities should be used for adding better cockpits to every plane (maybe even working instruments) or taxi lights, rather than adding cabins to the commercial jets.

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Let’s hope first to take all the aircrafts to the level of the CRJ and then we advance in the new features. I think passengers in the cabin is a step beyond.


I will not vote because I AM AFFIRMATIVE that this WILL be implemented as each aircraft gets reworked

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The cabins will be in every passenger/GA aircraft because the devs want to make the planes without cabins to have them the same and better as the CRJ.


I would think that part of any rework would include the cabin. They have already stated they are wanting to rework the older aircraft. I think they will get there eventually.


Do you think that they (cabins) would have the flourescent lights at night? ;)

Looks like we will be seeing a Cabin for all future Reworks! As stated by Jason on Infinite Flight’s live stream on Instagram!

Note! You can only re-watch the stream on mobile


They have said that ever since the CRJ was released.

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I understand that everyone thinks that this will not be possible. Well in a few years mobile devices will be able to handle this, because if this can’t be handled good luck on 3D buildings! After all, isn’t IF always improving?

Some ideas to make this work:

Wait a little while for Advancments in Tablets.

Having the option to not use certain features (ex. Removing/adding the passengers.) People with older devices can just choose which features they want to keep and which not to use.

I hope this will convince you the posibibilty of this.


I am bumping this conversation because I think this is a great feature!

The CRJ has a great interior, and the 717 and Cessna Citation. But I would love to see this in all aircraft! 😃
You got my vote!