Interior passenger cabin rework for ALL AIRCRAFT

Interior Passenger Cabin Rework

With the reworked CRJ came an amazing cabin with mood lighting at night, however I think it could be taken to the next level for all aircraft, especially since there are plans to rework all the other aircraft.
A picture of the amazing CRJ-900 cabin with mood lighting

Seating Improvement

I am not asking for individual airline seating, but I would like to see some more realistic seating. For example on the CRJ there are 3 different seating templetes, European Business Class, American Business Class, and all Economy (we currently have this). Ina Long Haul liner there would be an Economy-Business-First, an Economey-Business or an all Economey based on the airline. I would also like to see more views, especially from the front of the cabin,

Lighting to the next level

Although the current mood lighting is amazing, having the option to choose from many light colors would be simply amazing! There should also be the option of brightness control, and having the option to have separate light colors for Business Class and Economy Class. It would also be very nice to have Airbus’ Airspace lighting on the aircraft that offer this feature.


I thought that having empty seats would be kind of boring so why not have passengers sitting? So basically when you set the amount of people in every cabin, a randon person placed in a random seat will appear. This would bring a whole new level of realism to IF. To make sure that there are more than one male and female type, there should be a reasonable passenger template types so things loom normal.

Note that I don’t have any votes, because I have 2 votes instead of 10. I have contacted staff and this should be fixed soon :)

Unless you can download RAM I can’t see this becoming a thing until the minimum device requirement is at 2-3GB of RAM


Well perhaps with hard work and time the developers can lower this to 1-2 gigabytes with hard work and time, just like with global!


There is a limit to everything, you can’t just keep making things smaller without compromise. It’s not just tweaking one thing here removes 100mb of memory and this tweak will make this plane need less RAM, it doesn’t work like that.


We just got this lovely feature, and you wanted to be reworked? Are you serious?


Don’t be like that. It got added on one plane. People are allowed to express their suggestions and ideas.
This is a suggestion for all future reworked planes, and maybe down the track it would be implemented with the CRJ.
I think these are some really good suggestions but I worry that it wouldn’t be possible with RAM limits and memory like others said above.
You’ve got my vote anyway :)


@Josh for the support! @Lavoe787 you know this is going to be added in other aircraft too, and the devs will continue to improve IF, and this is the next step from what we currently have.


Um, seriously? The developers have spent ages working in this already. Maybe reworking the A340 or A330 would be a better idea…


@Cpt.TC This topic is about adding this feature to all planes in general. So I am requesting that this be added on the A340,A330,A380,B787,B737,B777 etc

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All I’m saying is that before mood lighting, maybe the devs should focus on wing flex, detailed cockpits, individual jet engine blades, different engine sounds, 4K textures, improved physics etc…


If you mean to add seats in all upcoming reworks and planes, I’m definitely down for it. Great feature


Well My guess ia that every reworked plane from now on will sport this feature, so I think it’s just a matter of waiting!


I like the idea but some people don’t have devices that can handle that amount of detail I mean mine can but others might not?

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Not just add the seats, but add them with more realism eg (passengers will occupy the seats) thank you for the support everyone!

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I think passengers on the seat could be too much on some planes with more than 20 seats or so. The seats alone are occupying a lot of storage, but in smaller planes it would look awesome.

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They’ve said that Infinite Flight is a flight simulator and not a passenger simulator.

I’m not sure if this topic is a duplicate:
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That is different. I am it requesting to have passengers fly I other people flights, I am just requesting to have passenger models (not real people be seated in the chairs. The user can ahust the amount of people in the cabin. The passengers would look similar to the pilot and copilot found on newer aircraft.

let’s remember that this simulator is for mobile. it would not be fair to launch features that will only work on “Super-Powerful” phones. I think there are other things to improve on.

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This would be amazing but would take a lot of data and may cause IF to be slow.

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Maybe this could be good if there was an option in settings for this, that way high end devices could use it, and lower to medium devices could try it and/or stay up to date. :)

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