Interior Lights (nighttime)

That really isn’t the point. Just pointing out the lighting in the cabins. 😅

Hopefully we get to see a cabin with the 777 releasing! Who knows, maybe there will be cockpit and or cabin lighting too?🤷‍♂️

We need an option to toggle cabin lights! We can get both darkness but beautiful illumination from the switches and a nice lit up christmas tree cabin!

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I do agree on the toggling of lights, but a Christmas tree may be a bit much😅

Here’s a little bump!

Going to bump this because it would be so cool to see in the new 777s!


Imagine… 😍


I would love to vote for this but I need some votes to free up :/

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Let me guess delta?

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and is that Air India old Buissnes class on B777 @Pingu

how’d u know ._0

Its the only US carrier with IFE on domestic apart from Jet blue but the seats look rounded

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Love, love, love

Amazing feature request. Yall have my vote

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Thank you!

Guys I appreciate the support, but the feature I am requesting is the standard cabin lighting, not the mood lighting. My main concern with mood lighting now in the game is that it makes the cabin incredibly difficult to see at night (at least in my opinion)🙂. Here is what I am referring to:
image image
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No problem

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