Interior Lights (nighttime)

So if you don’t already know, my most favorite feature would have to be the cabin view. This was such an advancement into Infinite Flight and can’t thank the devs enough! But what I have noticed, was that at night, we have blue side lights that illuminate the cabin at night. And maybe the option to turn on the light above your seat?…

I want to request the option or for other aircraft in the future with cabins to have lights in the picture below! (The main reason being that it’s also really hard to see at night in the cabins because of little light there is. And since Infinite Flight already eats up my battery, putting this at full brightness would kill it in a matter of around 2 hours. But anyways…) For example, there could be an option to turn on and off the fluorescent lights before takeoff and landing.

With the potential of wide-bodies being reworked in the future, I was thinking that the blue mood lights could stay in the front of the plane for business class or first class cabins, and the normal flourscent lights stay in the main cabin.

Now it’s not just the cabins that are way too dark for me, it’s also the cockpits. Currently they only have lights from instruments. Now it’s not too dark, but it’s dark enough to where it’s a bit hard to see. But adding reading lights that you see above the instrument panel (panel that faces the pilots…) would not just add better sight at night, but also make the cockpits more realistic.

Now I know this could be too much, but would at least like to know if it is possible. I have always loved flying. Especially at night so to see these interior lights at night would be a dream come true!
(CRJ-200 nighttime cabin)
Thank you for reading this and every vote counts!

Source of image: JetPhotos

Yes please! This is one thing I thought would’ve been implemented.



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I’ve went ahead and flagged the other one.

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Cabin lights are a great feature,enhances the experience a lot
I’d love to see them in every aircraft cause they are just so satisfying lol
The LED lighting in the CRJs are already amazing u got my vote


Just closed that topic as it was over 3 years old had didn’t have any votes.

@JT_Playz Just so I understand this correctly, your request is more focused on the “white/fluorescent” lighting. Different than the mood lighting that we currently have on the CRJ models?


Like the idea, if it’s possible to add it would be great. Maybe add lights to cockpits, too (I mean reading lights with it).


Please add this!! So needed!


Yes correct. Mainly because it’s hard to see the cabin now at night unless I go up to full brightness and knowing that Infinite Flight already eats up the battery, putting it on full brightness would probably kill it in maybe around an hour or two. Although I wouldn’t mind having the mood lights for cruise or takeoff and landing.


Thank you @Pilot_urp!

Maybe there could be an option to turn on/off the flourscent lights inside the cabin?


Could also be a cool feature to turn on the specific light for your seat! It’s a good idea, unfortunately I don’t have any available votes.


Man that’s a great idea! And if you can sometime, then please vote as every vote counts! ;)

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This could be great for desperately wanted reworks like the A330/A340!! As well as the 767 and the 757. (Maybe not the 757 but it’s a possibility.)

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That would be nice to have as it would “enhance” the look of the cockpit and make it much more realistic. 👍

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Currently you are sitting in a pitch dark cockpit during night flights and this feature would definitely change it.


Yeah it certainly would! The only lights we have in the cockpit are the instruments and yet it’s still dark. Although great fun for the 4K.🤷‍♂️

Maybe the 737 will get an interior that would be so cool


Yeah that’s actually the only reason that I want the rework for it.😜 Plus it will come when the “complete” rework comes.😉

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Yes! The cabin lights should exist, there should be an option to have the lights on full brightness because you can’t see the cabin at night, but in the inside there’s a small light at the back

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Awesome that you too want this in the game, but where is the small light in the back?