Interior Cabin Noise

I think this would really add to the realism of IF and allow the game to take virtual commercial flying to a whole new level on mobile phone.

In synopsis: When looking out over the wing, or any other camera angle that appears to be in the cabin, (i.e. Right Wing, Left Wing View) I think instead of hearing external engine noise, you should hear the engine hum from what it would sound like if you were sitting in the cabin as a passenger.

I hope this wouldn’t be too hard to add, it would just be nice to listen to the ambient cabin noise instead of the blaring engine noise, but the sound would have to differ from that of the cockpit noise, because of the proximity to the engines and the different material of that the cabin is made out of.

This would be really cool to see, and would add a lot to the game with just a simplistic change of audio. It would be awesome to see IF from a passengers point of view and might make the inflight cruising more relaxing (for lack of a better word).

Well, they’re not supposed to be from “inside”. They are all exterior views… :)


I understand, but in my imagination they are in the cabin ;)


Sounds awesome, but I think that we would require additional cabin features to go along with this, such as windows. Sounds good though, removed a vote!


The wing view camera’s are all outside, so you won’t (shouldn’t) be able to hear any cabin noise anyway. If you want the cabin noise, the camera should’ve been set inside. Since the vast majority of early aircraft were developed with pre-a320 quality, the windows modelling wouldn’t be very appealing since less priority was given to interior modelling at the time, hence why they probably chose external camera’s for windows.


This is a good request, only if we already had interior cabins in Infinite Flight before we get cabin noise. I’m going to hold off on removing a vote for this for now until we can get cabins for Infinite Flight.

No, I am not requesting anything to be added into the sim. Just saying when I will actually vote for this.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to also have different sounds for different aircraft in the cockpit as well? A 737 does NOT sound the same as an A380 during takeoff, if you know what I mean.

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Totally agree! That would be fantastic!