Interior Bug On The Medium Graphics Settings

My game doesn’t work good

on the medium settings. I want medium for optimize FPS and good grapchics. Please help me😔😔


Well, that’s interesting. I haven’t heard of this, but it could be a known bug. I’m a little behind bugs, and I’m not going to tell you to clear your scenery like everyone else. I dunno what to tell you.
You could close the app, and come back in a bit. Just try the logical stuff. Hopefully someone will come along who knows what to do.

maybe try uninstalling the app and download it again

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it was the same with me when I was using my old phone

Righto let’s get some basic information out of you.

  • What’s your device?
  • What OS is it running?
  • How much device storage do you have left?

Doesn’t happen on mine but I do get a couple of little boxes but not as bad as what yours shows.

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This is probably because you have a corrupt aircraft file, and to fix is you need to reinstall the app in order to download the file again.

Be aware though, you’ll lose all of your replays so make sure to back some up if you haven’t already.

I have the same problem on my smartphone, I guess it has to do with the lack of capabilities of the device

My device iş Galaxy S7(android). My storage is empty and I reset the phone, but it happened again.

As I said, it’s specific with our devices since they are quite outdated

I’ve had this happen before when it comes to graphics settings that are not high. I’d suggest putting it up if your device can handle it.

This is a known issue on devices equipped with older Mali T-series GPU. It’s one specific graphic setting that causes this, but i always forget which one 😒

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