Interior ATC towers!

Hey everyone!

Wouldn’t it be nice for Infinite Flight to add interiors to ATC control towers around the world? This would make controlling way more realistic than standing in the air invisible. Let me know what you think!

While this is a good idea I see some problems:

  1. All those extra polygons won’t do performance any good - so low-end devices would have an even harder time than they already are.

  2. When controllers are controlling, the large majority of the time they have the radar map open, which would then cover the screen and therefore block seeing the tower interiors.

Plus controllers should be concentrating on controlling, not looking around the towers at all the interior details.

So while it’s a good idea, I don’t think it would a particularly useful addition, at least at the moment.


I agree with this.

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There is no need to render the interior for pilots. So it won’t make any difference for them. If the controller wants to use it, there could be a view for it, so it can be easily toggled out.

It’s sometimes fun to just sit around and look at your arrivals and see them land, or just look around at your airport and see the planes taxi around.

But yeah, probably not many would use this feature.

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Yes but they can implement radar, arrivals… into the screens in tower and thats how you see it, and what @bumy said.

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