“Interfering with other aircraft”?

Hi, can somebody explain to me what this dubious violation is about? I was flying just fine when, without any radio contact/warning, this violation appeared on my screen for nothing but flying my flight plan. Please help me understand and to get this reversed. There weren’t even aircraft in my area. Thanks

…and if he had the time to report me, he had the time to issue radio contact first. This is not acceptable of ATC to just reign supreme like this.

The replay link does not work.

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There is always a reason for ghosting. Check your logbook to see who reported you, and PM that user.

Also, I’d drop the attitude because they’re not going to remove the report if you’re rude :)


In the end, you’re responsible for maintaining a safe distance from other aircraft. It’s not the ATC’s fault if he hadn’t contacted you.

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Just watched your replay and the ghost seems legit.

Contact @BluePanda900


Basically you flew straight back into inbound traffic with no prior ATC contact. (I don’t know where you were heading honestly)


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